Working on the Land

Working on the Land

Hardcover - 9783598414602
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Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Working on the Land -- History from the Inside-out: Writing the History of Women in Rural America / FARAGHER, JOHN MACK -- Native American Women and Agriculture: A Seneca Case Study / JENSEN, JOAN M. -- The Ideal Woman in the Antebellum South: Lady or Farmwife? / HAGLER, D. HARLAND -- The Role and Status of the Female Yeomanry in the Antebellum South: The Literary View / BRYANT, KEITH L. -- "Not Gainfully Employed": Women on the Iowa Frontier, 1833-1870 / RILEY, GLENDA -- Images of the Frontierswoman: Iowa as a Case Study / RILEY, GLENDA -- "You May Depend She Does Not Eat Much Idle Bread": Mid-Atlantic Farm Women and Their Historians / JENSEN, JOAN M. -- Forgotten Persephones: Women Farmers on the Frontier / WEBB, ANNE B. -- Autonomy and Dependency in the Lives of Dakota Women: A Study in Historical Change / ALBERS, PATRICIA C. -- Female Planters and Planters' Wives in Civil War and Reconstruction: Alabama, 1850-1870 / WIENER, JONATHAN M. -- Black Women in American Agriculture / BROWN, MINNIE MILLER -- Women Homesteaders on the Great Plains Frontier / PATTERSON-BLACK, SHERYLL -- Women and Their Families on the Overland Trail to California and Oregon, 1842-1867 / FARAGHER, JOHNNY / STANSELL, CHRISTINE -- "A Helpmate for Man Indeed" The Image of the Frontier Woman / STOELTJE, BEVERLY J. -- Women in the Agricultural Settlement of the Northern Plains / HARGREAVES, MARY W. M. -- Women and Men in Western History: A Stereoptical Vision / ARMITAGE, SUSAN -- Single Women Homesteaders in Wyoming, 1880-1930 / BAUMAN, PAULA M. -- Rural Life among Nineteenth-Century Mormons: The Woman's Experience / ARRINGTON, LEONARD J. -- Farm Women's Roles in the Agricultural Development of South Dakota / RILEY, GLENDA -- "How're You Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?": Rural Women and the Urban Model in Utah / STURGIS, CYNTHIA -- "I've Worked, I'm Not Afraid of Work": Farm Women in New Mexico, 1920-1940 / JENSEN, JOAN M. -- The Ideal Rural Southern Woman as Seen by Progressive Farmer in the 1930s / TYLER, PAMELA -- Copyright Information -- Index


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