Women's Bodies: Health and Childbirth

Women's Bodies: Health and Childbirth

Hardcover - 9783598414657
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Women's Bodies: Health and Childbirth -- "On the Importance of the Obstetrick Art": Changing Customs of Childbirth in America, 1760 to 1825 / SCHOLTEN, CATHERINE M. -- Women, Menstruation, and Nineteenth-Century Medicine / BULLOUGH, VERN / VOGHT, MARTHA -- The Female Animal: Medical and Biological Views of Woman and Her Role in Nineteenth-Century America / SMITH-ROSENBERG, CARROLL / ROSENBERG, CHARLES -- "The Fashionable Diseases": Women's Complaints and Their Treatment in Nineteenth-Century America / WOOD, ANN DOUGLAS -- Women as Victims of Medical Experimentation: J. Marion Sims' Surgery on Slave Women, 1845-1850 / AXELSEN, DIANA E. -- The Hysterical Woman: Sex Roles and Role Conflict in 19thcentury America / SMITH-ROSENBERG, CARROLL -- Smothered Slave Infants: Were Slave Mothers at Fault? / JOHNSON, MICHAEL P. -- Making Women Modern: Middle Class Women and Health Reform in 19th Century America / MORANTZ, REGINA MARKELL -- From Maidenhood to Menopause: Sex Education for Women in Victorian America / HALLER, JOHN S. -- Birthing and Anesthesia: The Debate over Twilight Sleep / LEAVITT, JUDITH WALZER -- Voluntary Motherhood: The Beginnings of Feminist Birth Control Ideas in the United States / GORDON, LINDA -- Chlorotic Girls, 1870-1920: A Historical Perspective on Female Adolescence / BRUMBERG, JOAN JACOBS -- Under the Shadow of Maternity: American Women's Responses to Death and Debility Fears in Nineteenth-Century Childbirth / LEAVITT, JUDITH WALZER -- The American Midwife Controversy: A Crisis of Professionalization / KOBRIN, FRANCES E. -- Forgotten Women: American Midwives at the Turn of the Twentieth Century / LITOFF, JUDY BARRETT -- The Immigrant Midwives of Lawrence: The Conflict between Law and Culture in Early Twentieth-Century Massachusetts / DECLERCQ, EUGENE / LACROIX, RICHARD -- "Science" Enters the Birthing Room: Obstetrics in America since the Eighteenth Century / LEAVITT, JUDITH WALZER -- Feminine Hygiene, Fashion, and the Emancipation of American Women / SCHROEDER, FRED ¿. H. -- Using Oral History to Chart the Course of Illegal Abortions in Montana / SANDS, DIANE -- Copyright Information -- Index


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