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Women Together: Organizational Life

Women Together: Organizational Life

von , Nancy F. Cott
Hardcover - 9783598414701
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Women Together: Organizational Life -- The “Benevolent Fair”: A Study of Charitable Organization among American Women in the First Third of the Nineteenth Century / TREUDLEY, MARY BOSWORTH -- Ladies Bountiful: Organized Women’s Benevolence in Early 19th-century America / MELDER, KEITH -- Women in Groups: An Analysis of Women’s Benevolent Organizations in New York and Boston, 1797–1840 / BOYLAN, ANNE M. -- Timid Girls, Venerable Widows and Dignified Matrons: Life Cycle Patterns among Organized Women in New York and Boston, 1797–1840 / BOYLAN, ANNE M. -- Two “Kindred Spirits”: Sorority and Family in New England, 1839–1846 / TAYLOR, WILLIAM R. / LASCH, CHRISTOPHER -- A “Pleasingly Oppressive” Burden: The Transformation of Domestic Service and Female Charity in Salem, 1800–1840 / LASSER, CAROL S. -- Business Heads and Sympathizing Hearts: The Women of the Providence Employment Society, 1837–1858 / BENSON, SUSAN PORTER -- “True Philanthropy” and the Limits of the Female Sphere: Poor Relief and Labor Organizations in Ante-Bellum Cleveland / McTIGHE, MICHAEL J. -- The Silent Charity: A History of the Cincinnati Maternity Society / DICK, KRISTE LINDENMEYER -- The 1893 Congress of Jewish Women: Evolution or Revolution in American Jewish Women’s History? / GOLOMB, DEBORAH GRAND -- Organized Mother Love: The Buffalo Women’s Educational and Industrial Union, 1885–1915 / SHELTON, BRENDA K. -- “Our Sister’s Keepers”: The Minneapolis Woman’s Christian Association and Housing for Working Women / WEINER, LYNN -- Civilizing Kansas: Women’s Organizations, 1880–1920 / UNDERWOOD, JUNE O. -- Jewish Women of the Club: The Changing Public Role of Atlanta’s Jewish Women (1870–1930) / WENGER, BETH S. -- Mary Church Terrell and the National Association of Colored Women, 1896 to 1901 / JONES, BEVERLY W. -- Toward a Broader Angle of Vision in Uncovering Women’s History: Black Women’s Clubs Revisited / DICKSON, LYNDA F. -- Beyond the Classroom: The Organizational Lives of Black Female Educators in the District of Columbia, 1890–1930 / HARLEY, SHARON -- Women, Consumerism, and the National Consumers’ League in the Progressive Era, 1900–1923 / WOLFE, ALLIS ROSENBERG -- “Limited Only by Earth and Sky”: The Louisville Woman’s Club and Progressive Reform, 1900–1910 / FORDERHASE, NANCY -- Kansas Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, 1900–1930 / BRADY, MARILYN DELL -- Working Girls Unite / REITANO, JOANNE -- “Sisterhood and Sociability”: The Utah Women’s Press Club, 1891–1928 / THATCHER, LINDA / SILLITO, JOHN R. -- Separatism as Strategy: Female Institution Building and American Feminism, 1870–1930 / FREEDMAN, ESTELLE -- Copyright Information -- Index


Verlag De Gruyter Saur
Ersterscheinung Juni 1994
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 33 mm
Gewicht 937 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783598414701
Auflage Reprint 2012
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