Women Suffrage

Women Suffrage

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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- The Problem of Consciousness in the Woman Suffrage Movement: A California Perspective / Schaffer, RONALD -- Sue Shelton White and the Woman Suffrage Movement in Tennessee, 1913-20 / Louis, JAMES P. -- Woman Suffrage and the Urban Masses / Mahoney, JOSEPH F. -- The Urban Political Machine and Woman Suffrage: A Study in Political Adaptability / Buenker, JOHN D. -- The New York City Woman Suffrage Party, 1909-1919 / Schaffer, RONALD -- Building a Winning Coalition: The Suffrage Fight in New York State / Daniels, DORIS -- Jewish Involvement in the New York City Woman Suffrage Movement / Lerner, ELINOR -- Sexual Warfare in the Silent Cinema: Comedies and Melodramas of Woman Suffragism / Sloan, ¿¿Y -- Woman Suffrage in the Progressive Era: Patterns of Opposition and Support in Referenda Voting, 1910-1918 / McDonagh, EILEEN L. / Price, H. DOUGLAS -- Fighting the Odds: Militant Suffragists in South Carolina / Bland, SIDNEY R. -- Woman Suffrage in South Dakota: The Final Decade, 1911-1920. / Easton, PATRICIA O'KEEFE -- Women Anti-Suffragists in the 1915 Massachusetts Campaign / Stevenson, LOUISE L. -- Male Opponents and Supporters of Woman Suffrage: Iowa in 1916 / Ryan, THOMAS G . -- Along the Suffrage Trail: From West to East for FREEDOM NOW! / Fry, AMELIA -- Copyright Information -- Index

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