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West African Culture Dynamics: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives

West African Culture Dynamics: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives

Hardcover - 9789027979209
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Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Preface -- PART ONE Archaeology -- Introduction: Some Formulations on the Prehistory of West Africa / SWARTZ, Β. K. -- Processes of Coastal Evolution in West Africa During the Quaternary / ANDAH, BASSEY W. -- The Status of Guinea Coast Ρaleoarchaeological Knowledge as Seen from Legon / SWARTZ, Β. K. -- Excavations at Rim, North-Central Upper Volta: A Paleoecological Study / ANDAH, BASSEY W. -- The Origins and Domestication of Yams in Africa / COURSEY, D. G. -- The Kintampo Culture and Its Place in the Economic Prehistory of West Africa / FLIGHT, COLIN -- Archaeological Data on the Origins of Cultivation in the Southwestern Sahara and Their Implications for West Africa / MUNSON, PATRICK J. -- Comments on the Advent of Plant Cultivation in West Africa / ELLIS, DAVID V. -- History of Crops and Peoples in North Cameroon to A.D. 1900 / DAVID, NICHOLAS -- The Sahara as a Center of Ceramic Dispersion in Northern Africa / HAYS, T. R. -- Archaeology East of the Niger: A Review of Cultural-Historical Developments / HARTLE, DONALD D. -- The Ntereso Culture in Ghana / DAVIES, OLIVER -- The Emergence of Iron Technology in West Africa, with Special Emphasis on the Νok Culture of Nigeria / RUSTAD, JOHN A. -- The Geographic Distribution of Footed Bowls in the Upper and Middle Niger Region / BEDAUX, R. M. A. -- Speculations on Functions of Some Prehistoric Archaeological Materials from Sierra Leone / ATHERTON, JOHN H. -- PART TWO History -- Introduction: Research Trends in West African History / DUMETT, RAYMOND E. -- Prolegomena to the Study of the Culture History of the Igbo-speaking Peoples of Nigeria / AFIGBO, A. E. -- An Ethnohistorical Reconstruction of Traditional Igbo Society / COOKEY, S. J. S. -- Old Akyem and the Origins of Akyems Abuakwa and Kotoku 1675-1775 / ATKINSON, RONALD R. -- Administration and Trade in the Akwamu Empire, 1681-1730 / ΚΕΑ, RAY Α. -- The Dynamics and Symbolism of Idoma Kingship / ARMSTRONG, ROBERT G. -- Gao and the Almoravids: A Hypothesis / HUNWICK, J. O. -- Timbuktu: A Case Study of the Role of Legend in History / HERBERT, EUGENIA -- The Julas in Western Sudanese History: Long-Distance Traders and Developers of Resources / PERINBAM, B. MARIE -- Slave Acquisition and Delivery in Precolonial Hausaland / HOGENDORN, JAN S. -- Accommodation and Assimilation in the Landlord-Stranger Relationship / MOUSER, BRUCE L. -- Some Paradoxes of Pacification: Senegal and France in the 1850's and 1860's / Barrows, Leland Conley -- Changing Perspectives on African Resistance Movements and the Case of the Baule Peoples / WEISKEL, TIMOTHY C. -- Nation Building, Ethnicity, And the New Imperialism: Dilemmas of Political Development in Liberia / WILSON, HENRY S. -- Long-Term Structural Change in the Economy of Central Niger / BAIER, STEPHEN -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung März 1980
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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027979209
Auflage Reprint 2011
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