War, Violence and the Modern Condition

War, Violence and the Modern Condition

Hardcover - 9783110147025
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Frontmatter -- Introduction: Modernity and Violence: Observations Concerning a Contradictory Relationship / HÜPPAUF, BERND -- Violence and Modernity -- The Great War and the Persistence of Tradition: Languages of Grief, Bereavement and Mourning / WINTER, J. M. -- Starting from Scratch: Concepts of Order in No Man's Land / VISMANN, CORNELIA -- The Therapeutic Response: Continuities from World War One to National Socialism / TROMMLER, FRANK -- From War Economy to "New Economy": World War I and the Conservative Debate about the 'other' Modernity in Germany / MICHALKA, WOLFGANG -- Codes of War and Violence -- Some Lessons of the War: The Discourse on the Propaganda and Public Opinion in Germany in the 1920s / VERHEY, JEFFREY -- Blitzkrieg: "God Stinnes" or the Depoliticization of the Sublime / BARCK, KARLHEINZ -- The fiftieth Anniversary of the Allied Air Raids on Dresden: A Half Century of Literature and History Writing / SPENCER, ANDY -- Sexy Nazis and Daddy's Girls: Fascism and Sexuality in Film and Video since the 1970s / SLANE, ANDREA -- Bodies, Souls and Modern Warfare -- Aesculap in the Trenches: Aspects of German Medicine in the First World War / ECKART, WOLFGANG U. -- The Failure of Love: A Lesser Theory of the Great War / DURING, LISABETH -- Benn's Body. Masculine Aesthetics and Reproduction in Gottfried Benn's Essays / MAZUR OCKENFUSS, CRYSTAL -- Women in the Military and the Cult of Masculinity / D'ALTON, PHILLIP -- Artistic and Literary Representations of Modern Warfare -- "A Murderous Carnival": German Artists in the First World War / CORK, RICHARD -- Arnold Zweig's War Novellas of 1914 and their Versions: Literature, Modernity and the Demands of the Day / COHEN, ROBERT -- War and Novel: Alfred Döblin's "Wallenstein" and "November 1918" / MÜLLER, HARRO -- Violent Orders in Robert Musil's "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften" and Thomas Bernhard's "Kalkwerk" / MEHIGAN, TIM -- "Les peuples meurent, pour que Dieu vive": Gertrud Kolmar's Consecration of the Protagonists in the Drama of the French Revolution / FETSCHER, JUSTUS -- Laws of War and Revolution: Violence in Heiner Müller's Work / KITTLER, WOLF -- Bibliography -- List of Illustrations -- Notes on Contributors -- Index -- Backmatter


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Ersterscheinung Januar 1997
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