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Urbanization in the Americas from its Beginning to the Present

Urbanization in the Americas from its Beginning to the Present

Hardcover - 9789027975300
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Frontmatter -- General Editor’s Preface -- Introduction: Two Thousand Years of Urbanization in the Americas / SCHAEDEL, RICHARD P. / HARDOY, JORGE E. / KINZER, NORA SCOTT -- PART ONE Congress of Americanists Papers -- The Selected Papers: An Overview / SCHAEDEL, RICHARD P. -- SECTION ONE Method and Theory -- PREHISTORIC -- The City and the Origin of the State in America / SCHAEDEL, RICHARD P. -- Cause, Effect, and Anthropological Study of Urbanism / PRICE, BARBARA J. -- COLONIAL -- The Scale and Functions of Spanish American Cities Around 1600: An Essay on Methodology / HARDOY, JORGE E. / ARANOVICH, CARMEN -- An Introduction to the Study of Provisioning in the Colonial City / SOLANO, FRANCISCO DE -- INDEPENDENCE AND MODERN -- The Influence of the Historical Process on External Dependency in the Restructuring of Present-Day Regional and Urban Networks / ROFMAN, ALEJANDRO -- Some Problematics of the Tertiarization Process in Latin America / BROWNING, HARLEY L. -- SECTION TWO Comparative Studies -- PREHISTORIC -- The Temple Town Community: Cahokia and Amalucan Compared / FOWLER, MELVIN L. -- Ecological Factors Affecting the Urban Transformation in the Last Centuries of the Pre-Columbian Era / BONAVÍA, DUCCIO -- A Comparison of Some Aspects of the Evolution of Cuzco and Tenochtitlan / KATZ, FRIEDRICH -- COLONIAL -- European Urban Forms in the Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries and Their Utilization in Latin America / HARDOY, JORGE E. -- Urban Preeminence and the Urban System in Colonial America / MAURO, FRÉDÉRIC -- The Colonial City as a Center for the Spread of Architectural and Pictorial Schools / GASPARINI, GRAZIANO -- INDEPENDENCE AND MODERN -- Cities and Society in Nineteenth- Century Latin America: The Illustrative Case of Brazil / MORSE, RICHARD M. -- Services in the Contemporary Latin American City: The Case of Chile / MAMALAKIS, MARKOS -- SECTION THREE Case Studies -- The Internal Structure of Cities in America: Pre-Columbian Cities; The Case of Tenochtitlán / CALNEK, EDWARD E. -- Open-Grid Town Plans in Europe and America / KUBLER, GEORGE -- Military Influence in the Cities of the Kingdom of Chile / GUARDA, GABRIEL -- The Urban Center as a Focus of Migration in the Colonial Period: New Spain / BORAH, WOODROW / COOK, SHERBURNE F. -- Regional Economy and Urbanization: Three Examples of the Relationship Between Cities and Regions in New Spain at the End of the Eighteenth Century / TOSCANO, ALEJANDRA MORENO -- Changing Urban Patterns: The Porteño Case (1880–1910) / SCOBIE, JAMES R. -- Agricultural Development in the Process of Urbanization: Functions of Production, Population Patterns, and Urbanization / CONDE, ROBERTO CORTÉS / NISNOVICH, NANCY LÓPEZ DE -- PART TWO The ICAES Papers -- The Selected Papers: An Overview / KINZER, NORA SCOTT -- The City-State in the Basin of Mexico: Late Pre-Hispanic Period / CALNEK, EDWARD E. -- The Gridiron Town Plan and the Caste System in Colonial Central America / MARKMAN, S. D. -- A Brazilian Urban System in the Nineteenth Century: Pelotas and Rio de Janeiro / LEITMAN, SPENCER L. -- Migrations and Urbanization in Brazil, 1870–1930: A Global Interpretation / BALÁN, JORGE -- Household Composition and Mating Patterns Among Lower-Class Venezuelans / POLLAK-ELTZ, ANGELINA -- The Survival of the Unfittest / LOMNITZ, LARISSA -- The Female Domestic Servant and Social Change: Lima, Peru / SMITH, MARGO L. -- The Unplanned Ecology of a Planned Industrial City: The Case of Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela / GARCIA, MARIA-PILAR / BLUMBERG, RAE LESSER -- Values and Migration Decision Making / STEPICK, ALEX -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Juli 1978
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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027975300
Auflage Reprint 2011
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