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Trends in Biomedical Research

Trends in Biomedical Research

Hardcover - 9783030412180
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This book addresses hot issues in the research and management of difficult-to-treat medical disorders that are commonly encountered, but for which the underlying mechanisms are often unknown.
These include the adverse effects of hemodialysis and its biocompatibility in chronic kidney insufficiency, particularly related to malnutrition and inflammation, or the vulnerability of cancer patients to bacterial meningitis, the infection that remains underdiagnosed due to limited expression of symptoms. The book also covers other key topics, such as the psychological care of lung cancer patients; difficulties in the diagnosis of diffuse axonal injury in traumatic brain injury - a disorder with a poor prognosis and high mortality rate; and the virological aspects of seasonal influenza epidemic outbreaks - a perennial modern scourge. Further, it addresses recent developments in targeted drug delivery from titanium implants and a novel integrated thermal approach to rehabilitation of neurodegeneration-related disabilities. Featuring the latest interdisciplinary trends in biomedicine, this book connects research, theory and practice to help alleviate suffering caused by a variety of diseases.

It is a resource for medical professionals, including academics, practitioners and all allied healthcare workers.


Verlag Springer International Publishing
Ersterscheinung Februar 2020
Maße 260 mm x 183 mm x 13 mm
Gewicht 453 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783030412180
Auflage 1st ed. 2020
Seiten 128