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Topias and Utopias in Health: Policy Studies

Topias and Utopias in Health: Policy Studies

Hardcover - 9789027930200
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Frontmatter -- Introduction / Ingman, Stanley R. / Thomas, Anthony E. -- PART ONE: INTEREST GROUPS AND THE ALLOCATION OF HEALTH CARE -- Birth Planning: Between Neglect and Coercion / Polgar, Steven -- Political Ideology and Population Policy in Puerto Rico / Ramos, Carlos / Henderson, Peta -- Fertility and the “Pill” in a Texas Barrio / Urdaneta, Maria-Luisa -- Beyond the Individual for the Practice of Social Medicine: Household Networks as Etiologic-Diagnostic Units / Epling, Phillip J. / Vandale, Susan E. / Stewart, Guy W. -- Human Relations versus Social Relations in Medical Care / Schoepf, Brooke Grundfest -- Static Dynamics in Medical Care Organization / Ingman, Stanley R. -- Dialectical Materialism and Community Mental Health Programs: An Analysis of the Lincoln Hospital Department of Psychiatry / Yee, Willie Kai -- Medical Education in Transition: Tanzania / Raikes, A. M. -- Regionalization of Health Services: Sociological Blocks to Realization of an Ideal / Elling, Ray H. -- Uses and Abuses of Innovations in the Delivery of Dental Care / Schoen, Max H. -- PART TWO: TOPIAS, UTOPIAS, AND COUNTER-UTOPIAS IN HEALTH CARE -- Capitalism and Public Health: A Neglected Theme in the Medical Anthropology of Africa / Onoge, Omafume F. -- Implicit versus Explicit Goals: Medical Care in Argentina / / Gómez, Omar J. -- Environmental Health: Hong Kong Squatters and Engels’ Remarks on the Housing Question / Kehl, Frank -- Health Care in Ukambani Kenya: A Socialist Critique / Thomas, Anthony E. -- Contemporary Health Planning Trends in Tanzania / Tschannerl, Janaki N. -- A Critical Description of Medical Services in Canada / James, Herman -- Cuban Health Care in Process: Models and Morality in the Early Revolution / Danielson, Ross -- Thesis: Cultural Anthropology and Community Psychiatry; Antithesis: World Health Organization and Basic Health Services; Synthesis: Community Development / Singer, Philip / Araneta, Enrique -- The Regional Approach to Health in the Republic of Slovenia / Dyck, Robert G. -- Community-Based Medical Care in Three Settings / Lawson, Ian R. -- Toward a Convergence of Modern Western and Traditional Chinese Medical Services in Hong Kong / Lee, Rance P. L. -- Serve the People: What It Would Mean for Health Care in the United States / Falk, Leslie A. / Hawkins, John N. -- PART THREE: SOCIAL SCIENCE IN HEALTH RESEARCH AND ACTION -- The Role of Applied Research in the Development of Health Services in a Chicano Community in Chicago / Schensul, Stephen L. / Bymel, Mary Bakszysz -- Policy-Evaluative Research: Some Methodological and Political Issues / Ricci, Edmund H. / Nesbitt, James E. -- Insinuating Social Science into Medical Thinking: Problems and Possibilities / Leighton, Dorothea C. -- Use of Social Research in Population Programs: A Case Study of a Policy Debate Among Social Science Experts / Reitz, Jeffrey G. -- Social Science and Health in Cuba: Ideology, Planning, and Health / Guttmacher, Sally / García, Lourdes -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Januar 1975
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 44 mm
Gewicht 1084 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027930200
Auflage Reprint 2011
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