To evaluate 'demerger' as a strategic objective

To evaluate 'demerger' as a strategic objective

von Matthias Feik
Taschenbuch - 9783838601472
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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: In general, the focus of an investigation an demerger Gould range from its economic implications to its political, social, legal or business implications. However, it seems reasonable to conduct an early investigation of demerger not from an economic, political or social viewpoint, since there has not been enough demerger activity yet to evaluate its greater economic, political or social implications. Therefore, this paper will try to evaluate demerger from a company's point of view. Le., to look at demerger from a corporate strategy angle. In this context it is also regarded necessary to take some of its legal background into consideration. To evaluate'demerger' as one strategic objective for a company's management, the trst aim of this dissertation shall be to detect evidence regarding underlying 'demerger' rationales of the past. Therefore, the question: What are the reasons for conducting a demerger ? will be addressed. Furthermore, since demerger can only be regarded as a strategic objective if it actually improves the chances of a company to enhance its future position and prospects, it is necessary to raise two further questions. Hence, derived from the evidence found, the author will address the questions: What are the benefits associated with demerger ? and What are the problems which appear to be involved ih demerger ? The second aim of this dissertation will consequently be to find answers to these questions. This will lead to a better understanding of the reasons why some corporate managers consider'demerger' as an appropriate strategic mean, while others still seem to be hesitant about it. Please acknowledge that the analysis of the 'demerger' Gases conducted in this dissertation cannot be representative since it only refers to certain UK ¿demergers'. An analysis that covers a wider scope Gould not be conducted. This was due to the limited timeframe which was set for this dissertation. However, the empirical evidence displayed in this paper will introduce findings of 'demerger' studies which haue the necessary scope and depth to be interpreted as representative. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: PREFACEII TABLESVII 1.INTRODUCTION1 1.1HISTORICAL BACKGROUND1 1.2PROBLEMS OF THIS INVESTIGATION4 1.3AIM OF INVESTIGATION5 1.4METHODOLOGY6 2.FUNDAMENTALS / CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK9 2.1INTRODUCTION TO ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS OF A CORPORATE STRATEGY9 2.1.1Do-nothing [...]


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