Theory and Practice: Essays presented to Gene Weltfish

Theory and Practice: Essays presented to Gene Weltfish

Hardcover - 9789027979582
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von Stanley Diamond, Stanley Diamond (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Contributors -- Preface -- Contents -- The First Snake Song / McALLESTER, DAVID P. -- Factors of Musical Style / LOMAX, ALAN -- Art Motifs and Prehistory in the Middle East / SOLECKI, RALPH S. -- Predatory Birds and Prehistoric Man / SOLECKI, ROSE L. / McGOVERN, THOMAS H. -- Fusion and Separation: Archaeology and Ethnohistory in Southeastern North America / WILLIS, WILLIAM S. -- Afro-Americans, Africa, and America / SKINNER, ELLIOTT P. -- Politics, Theory, and Racism in the Study of Black Children / LEACOCK, ELEANOR -- Women, Work, and Property in a South American Tribe / MURPHY, ROBERT F. / MURPHY, YOLANDA -- Men and Women in Arab Peasant to Proletariat Transformation / ROSENFELD, HENRY -- The Dominant Dyad: Mother-Right and the Iroquois Case / McCALL, DAN -- A Continent Found, A Universe Lost / FRIED, MORTON H. -- Encounter in the Field / SERVICE, E. R. -- The Periodization of World History According to Karl Marx / KRADER, LAWRENCE -- Theory, Practice, and Poetry in Vico / DIAMOND, STANLEY -- Boas on the Kwakiutl: The Ethnographic Tradition / GOLDMAN, IRVING -- Anthropology Begins at Home: Reflections of a Daughter / MARGETSON, ANN L. -- Some Salient Events in the Professional Life of Gene Weltfish -- Selected Bibliography of Gene Weltfish

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Hardcover - 9789027979582
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