The Vision of Vedic Poets

The Vision of Vedic Poets

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Frontmatter -- I. Introduction -- II. Dhih in the ¿gveda -- III. Dhitih in the ¿gveda -- IV. The verb dhi- in the ¿gveda -- V. The adjective dhira- in the ¿gveda -- VI. Some compounds and derivatives -- VII. The relevant occurrences in the Atharvaveda -- VIII. The terms dhih, dhitih, dhirah in the other samhitas and the brahmanah -- IX. Dhih, dhirah etc. in the Upanisads -- X. The Iranian cognates -- XI. Light -- XII. Some notes on the function of the "heart" -- XIII. Dhyanam -- XIV. Some notes on Buddhist ideas on "vision" -- XV. Pratibha -- XVI. The root ven- -- Index of Sanskrit words -- General index -- Index of the main text-places discussed -- Backmatter

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