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The Processes of Urbanism: A Multidisciplinary Approach

The Processes of Urbanism: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Hardcover - 9789027976208
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Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Preface -- Introduction / ASCHENBRENNER, JOYCE / COLLINS, LLOYD R. -- PART ONE: Urban Resources and Power Structures -- Introduction -- The Necessity for a Macrocosmic Model in Urban Anthropological Studies / JONES, STEVEN H. -- Urban Ethnology in Africa: Some Theoretical Issues / MARIOTTI, AMELIA / MAGUBANE, BERNARD -- The Role of Applied Research in the Development of Health Services in a Chicano Community in Chicago / SCHENSUL, STEPHEN L. / BYMEL, MARY BAKSZYSZ -- The Role of Interorganizational Networks in Urban Community Development / BOITON, SANTIAGO -- Institutional and Community-Controlled Approaches to Urban Mental-Health Care / SCHEPERS, ÉMILE M. -- Solid-Waste Accumulation in Residential Neighborhoods as a Sociopolitical Process / EL-HAKIM, SHERIF / MARKOFF, JOHN -- Progress and Failure in Swedish Health Planning / BORGENHAMMAR, EDGAR -- Program, Organization, Planning, and Decision Making in a Community-Education System / NANCE, EVERETTE E. -- PART TWO: Urban Social Organization -- Introduction -- Acculturation and Urbanization of Immigrants in Barcelona: A Question of Ethnicity or a Question of Class? / ESTEVA-FABREGAT, CLAUDIO -- On Voluntary Associations as an Adaptive Mechanism in West African Urbanization: Another Perspective / OKEDIJI, OLADEJO O. -- Neighbors, Friends, and Kin of Black Families in the Urban Adaptation / AOYAGI, KIYOTAKA -- Careers of Black Youth in the Metro-East Area / ASCHENBRENNER, JOYCE -- Problems in the Analysis of Urban Cultural Organization / HANNERZ, ULF -- PART THREE: Urban Development, Decay, and Reconstruction -- Introduction -- Urban Ecology and Urban Renewal: The Case of Ibadan and Sapele / IMOAGENE, OSHOMHA -- The Creation of New Housing in a Central-City Urban Renewal Project / PERABO, FRED -- A Systems Approach to Metropolitan Economic Development Goals / ROSS, D. REID -- PART FOUR: The Public and the Private Sectors in Urban Organization -- Introduction -- The Role of Industry in the Urban Process / HANIESKI, JOHN F. -- The Urban Utility Rate-Making Process / BOSSE, WILLIAM R. -- Technological Transfer: A Principle of Culture Change in an Urban System / COLLINS, LLOYD R. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Oktober 1978
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 36 mm
Gewicht 884 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027976208
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 440