The New Wind: Changing Identities in South Asia

The New Wind: Changing Identities in South Asia

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Frontmatter -- Introduction / DAVID, KENNETH -- PART ONE: The Standing and the Moving -- The Rise of Social Anthropology in India (1774-1972): A Historical Appraisal / VIDYARTHI, L. P. -- Indian Civilization: New Images of the Past for a Developing Nation / MALIK, S. C. -- Deified Men and Humanized Gods: Some Folk Bases of Hindu Theology / AIYAPPAN, A. -- Prestations and Prayers: Two Homologous Systems in Northern India / KHARE, R. S. -- Power in Hindu Ideology and Practice / WADLEY, SUSAN -- Gods, Kings, and the Caste System in India / MAHAPATRA, L. K. -- Hierarchy and Equivalence in Jaffna, North Sri Lanka: Normative Codes as Mediator / DAVID, KENNETH -- Toward an Ethnosociology of South Asian Caste Systems / MARRIOTT, McKIM / INDEN, RONALD B. -- Method and Theory in the Sociology of Louis Dumont: A Reply / LYNCH, OWEN M. -- Flexibility in Central Indian Kinship and Residence / JACOBSON, DORANNE -- PART TWO: The Moving and the Standing -- Role Analysis and Social Change: With Special Reference to India / RAO, M. S. A. -- Agricultural Labor Unions: Some Socioeconomic and Political Considerations / MENCHER, JOAN P. -- Caste Elements Among the Muslims of Bihar / AHMAD, ZEYAUDDIN -- Ecological Adaptation to Technology - Ritual Conflict and Leadership Change: The Santal Experience / MAHAPATRA, SITAKANT -- The Santalization of the Santals / GAUTAM, MOHAN K. -- Region, Religion, and Language: Parameters of Identity in the Process of Acculturation / ¿¿¿¿, MAHADEV L. -- Identity Choice and Caste Ideology in Contemporary South India / Barnett, Steve -- PART THREE: Discussions -- Symposium: Changing Identities in South Asia -- Epilogue: What Shall We Mean by Changing Identities? / DAVID, KENNETH -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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