Syntactic Iconicity and Linguistic Freezes: The Human Dimension

Syntactic Iconicity and Linguistic Freezes: The Human Dimension

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Frontmatter -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- Introduction -- Part I Syntactic iconicity in language -- Iconicity in the basic serialization rules of Modern German / Askedal, John O. -- Iconicity, markedness, and processing constraints in frozen locutions / Birdsong, David -- Nonarbitrariness and iconicity: Coding possibilities / Dotter, Franz -- On language internal iconicity / Greenberg, Joseph H. -- Semantic constraints on phonologically independent freezes / Landsberg, Marge E. -- Categories of word order iconicity / Langendonck, Willy Van -- Homo loquens as "sender-receiver" (i.e., transceiver) and the raison d'être of sememic, lexemic and morphemic prefabs in natural language structures and language use / Makkai, Adam -- Deixis as an iconic element of syntax / Rolfe, Leonard -- A binary approach to iconicity in word order / Schooneveld, Cornelis H. van -- The iconicity of "dative shift" in English: Considerations from information flow in discourse / Thompson, Sandra A. -- The iconicity of focus and existence in Modern Hebrew / Tobin, Yishai -- Iconicity in the lexicon and its relevance for a theory of morphology / Waugh, Linda R. / Newfield, Madeleine -- Adjectives vs. verbs: The iconicity of part-of-speech membership / Wierzbicka, Anna -- Part II Syntactic iconicity in literature -- Triplicity and textual iconicity: Russian literature through a triangular prism / Croft, Lee ¿. -- The iconicity of metaphor / Danesi, Marcel -- Iconicity of expressive syntactic transformations / Fónagy, Ivan -- Part III Syntactic iconicity in psychology -- Motor theory of language in relation to syntax / Allott, Robin -- The psychological basis of syntactic iconicity / Cooper, William E. / Klouda, Gayle V. -- Spatial structure as a syntactical or a cognitive operation: Evidence from signing and nonsigning children / Loncke, Filip / Quertinmont, Sophie -- Relationship between language and motor action revisited / McNeill, David -- Preservation of syntactic icons in Alzheimer's disease / Neils, Jean -- Aphasia and syntactic iconicity / Schveiger, Paul -- Part IV Syntactic iconicity in philosophy -- Syntactic iconicity and connectionist models of language and cognition / Bouissac, Paul -- Pragmatics and iconicity / Kasher, Asa -- Index of subjects -- Index of names

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