Symbols and Artifacts: Views of the Corporate Landscape

Symbols and Artifacts: Views of the Corporate Landscape

Hardcover - 9783110120127
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Frontmatter -- Introduction -- Artifacts as Pathways and Remains of Organizational Life / Gagliardi, Pasquale -- Part I: Designing Physical Settings in Organizations -- Corporate Architecture: Turning Physical Settings into Symbolic Resources / Berg, Olof / Kreiner, Kristian -- Building Buildings and Living Lives: A Critique of Bureaucracy, Ideology and Concrete Artifacts / Rosen, Michael / Orlikowski, Wanda J. / Schmahmann, Kim S. -- Housing Modifications as Organizational Communication / Rusted, Brian -- Meaning of the Workplace: Using Ideas of Ritual Space in Design / Doxtater, Dennis -- The Symbolics of Office Design: An Empirical Exploration / Hatch, Mary Jo -- Designing Dynamic Artifacts: Computer Systems as Formative Contexts / Ciborra, Claudio U. / Lanzara, Giovan Francesco -- Part II: Disclosing Organizational Cultures Through Artifacts -- Colors, Artifacts, and Ideologies / Sassoon, Joseph -- Photograph Analysis: A Method to Capture Organizational Belief Systems / Dougherty, Deborah / Kunda, Gideon -- Curing the Monster: Some Images of and Considerations About the Dragon / Sievers, Burkard -- The Symbolic Value of Computerized Information Systems / Scholz, Christian -- Car Makers and Marathon Runners: In Pursuit of Culture Through the Language of Leadership / Piccardo, Claudia / Varchetta, Giuseppe / Zanarini, Gianni -- Part III: Root Metaphors Embedded in Artifacts -- The C.E.O. as Corporate Myth-Maker: Negotiating the Boundaries of Work and Play at Domino's Pizza Company / Raspa, Richard -- Artifacts in a Bureaucratic Monastery / Larsen, Janne / Schultz, Majken -- The Symbol of the Space Shuttle and the Degeneration of the American Dream / Schwartz, Howard S. -- Part IV: Artifacts and Organizational Control -- The Aesthetic Imperative of a Rational-Technical Machinery: A Study in Organizational Control Through the Design of Artifacts / Witkin, Robert W. -- Linguistic Artifacts at Service of Organizational Control / Czarniawska-Joerges, Barbara / Joerges, Bernward -- Failed Artifacts / Turner, Barry A. -- Part V: De-Constructing Artifacts -- Theory as Artefact: Artefact as Theory / Linstead, Stephen A. / Grafton-Small, Robert -- The Authors -- Backmatter


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