Statistical Sciences

Statistical Sciences

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Frontmatter -- Section 1: Probability Theory -- Asymptotic normality of the solutions of the multidimensional Burger equation with random data / Deriev, Igor / Leonenko, Nikolay -- Multivariate minimal moments / Kollo, Tõnu / Rosen, Dietrich von -- A geometric approach to the Gaussian law / Richter, Wolf-Dieter -- Axiomatic foundations of the theory of interval-probability / Weichselberger, Kurt -- Section 2: Probabilistic Expert Systems -- AKTALYST—a causal probabilistic expert system for stock market analysis / Barth, Matthias -- Focusing and learning in possibilistic dependency networks / Gebhardt, Jörg / Kruse, Rudolf -- A Bayesian approach to imprecision in belief nets / Kleiter, Gernot D. / Kardinal, Marianne -- Causal probabilistic networks and their application to metabolic processes / Oppel, Ulrich G. -- Maximum likelihood estimation and learning in large systems / Winkler, Gerhard -- Section 3: Statistical Decision Theory -- An independence transformation in decision theory / Avenhaus, Rudolf -- Set-valued decision functions and reduction of dimensionality by selection of variables / Grycko, Eugen -- Empirical Bayes two-stage procedures for selecting the best normal population compared with a control / Gupta, Shanti S. / Liang, TaChen / Rau, Re-Bin -- Four concepts in decision theory based on order completeness of L1 / Plachky, Detlef -- Admissibility conditions for estimators of exponential type functions / Rukhin, Andrew L. -- Section 4: Simulation and Resampling -- Variance estimation in generalized linear models using the bootstrap / Friedl, Herwig -- Using the jackknife in the analysis of contingency tables for the estimation of the common odds ratio / Pigeot, Iris / Strugholtz, Heinz -- A certain robustness for tests in the case of discrete distributions / Welzl, Gerhard / Lasser, Rupert -- Section 5: Linear Models and Design of Experiments -- Estimating linear measurement error models via M-estimation / Cheng, Chi-Lun / Tsai, Chih-Ling -- Bayesian generalized errors in variables (GEIV) models for censored regressions / Polasek, Wolfgang -- Experimental design for linear models with higher interaction terms / Schwabe, Rainer -- Missing values in regression: mixed and weighted mixed estmation / Toutenburg, Helge / Heumann, Christian / Fieger, Andreas / Park, Sung H. -- Section 9: General Methods and Applications -- The amount of information and the bound for the order of consistency for a location parameter family of densities / Akahira, Masafumi -- An ordinal model for constructing a quadratic objective function of economic policy / Gruber, Josef / Tanguiane, Andranik -- Selection of prognostic factors concerning prospective studies with censored observations: comparison of Cox-regression and CART-method / Stark, Monika / / Nekarda, Hjalmar -- Alphabetical List of Contributors -- Author Index

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