State, Market and Organizational Form

State, Market and Organizational Form

Hardcover - 9783110154689
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Frontmatter -- Preface -- Table of Contents -- Introduction: State, Market and Organizational Form / Bugra, Ayse / Üsdiken, Behlül -- Part One Political Processes, Economic Interests and Organizational Re-structuring in Societal Transformation -- Enterprise Change and the Management of Labour in a Transforming Society: The Case of Hungary / Whitley, Richard / Czaban, Laszlo / Henderson, Jeffrey / Lengyel, Gyorgy -- The Machineries of Institutional Transformation: The Case of Czech Agriculture / Stryjan, Yohanan -- Enterprise Reform and the Role of the State: The Case of the Capital Iron and Steel Works, Beijing / Hassard, John / Sheehan, Jackie -- Monopolized, Privatized, Diversified, and Incorporated: An Institutional Analysis of the Evolution of the Dutch Postbank (1945-1994) / Hulsink, Willem -- The Double-dealing of Rhetoric - An Anthropological Perspective on the Dynamics of Organizing in the Swedish Public Sector / Garsten, Christina -- Part Two Economic Challenges, Societal Resources, and Organizational Forms -- Vertical Integration into Electronics: Transaction Costs and Organization Domain / Sorge, Arndt -- Societal Strategic Advantage: Institutional Structure and Path Dependence in the Automotive and Electronics Industries of East Asia / Biggart, Nicole Woolsey / Orrù, Marco -- Japanese Industrial Groups and Cross-Shareholding: Is Agency Theory Really Relevant to the Communal Form? / Scher, Mark J. -- Between Democracy and Dictatorship: The Market Queen Institution of Ghanian Daily Markets / Katila, Saija -- Putting Nationalism back into National Business Systems: The Ideological and Institutional Context of Global Competition / Loveridge, Ray -- Notes on Contributors


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