Soviet Ethnology and Anthropology Today

Soviet Ethnology and Anthropology Today

Hardcover - 9789027927255
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von Yu. Bromley, Yu. Bromley (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Preface -- Key to transliteration of the Cyrillic Alphabet -- PART I. Introduction -- Ethnographical Studies in the USSR, 1965-1969 / BROMLEY, Yu. -- Fifty Years of Studies in Anthropological Composition of Population in the USSR / ALEKSEJEV, V. -- PART II. Ethnology -- The Notion of "Ethnos" and Typology of Ethnic Communities -- The Term Ethnos and its Definition / BROMLEY, Yu. -- On the Concept of Ethnic Community / KOZLOV, V. -- Contemporary Ethnic Processes in the USSR -- Experience of a Socio-Ethnic Survey (Relating to the Tatar ASSR) / ARUTJUNJAN, Yu. -- Contemporary Ethnocultural Processes in Udmurtia (Program and Method of Investigation) / VASILJEVA, E. / PIMENOV, V. / KHRISTOLJUBOVA, L. -- Social Organization -- Early Forms of Family and Marriage in the Light of Soviet Ethnography / PERSHITS, A. -- "Military Democracy" and the Epoch of Class Formation / KHAZANOV, A. -- A Description of Systems of Kinship Terminology / LEVIN, Yu. -- Problems of Culture Studies -- Review of "Ocherki teorii kultury" (Essays on the Theory of Culture) (Yerevan, 1969) / MARKARJAN, E. -- Methods of Ethnographic Research into Material Culture / TOKAREV, S. -- Modernization in Non-European Urbicultures / ARUTJUNOV, S. -- Ethnology and Adjoining Sciences -- Atlas of the World Population (Basic Problems of Demographic-Ethnographic Cartography) / BRUK, S. -- Toponymy and Language (On the Problem of Differentiating the Substratum of Geographical Place-Name Areas) / CHLENOV, M. / DEOPIK, D. -- PART III ANTHROPOLOGY -- Problems of Anthropogenesis and General Questions of Anthropology -- Patterns in the Links between Characteristics in Anthropology / ROGINSKIJ, Ya. -- Basic Trends in the Adaptive Radiation of the Apes at the End of the Tertiary and the Beginning of the Quaternary Periods / JAKIMOV, V. -- Problems of Race Studies -- About Racial Differentiation of the Human Species. Primary Centres of Race Formation / ALEKSEJEV, V. -- Essay on the Graphical Presentation of the Genealogical Classification of Human Races / DEBETS, G. -- Dental Anthropology and the Historical Sciences / ZUBOV, A. -- Genetic-Geographical Zones of Eastern Europe by ABO Blood Groups / BUNAK, V. -- Bibliography -- List of abbreviations -- References

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Hardcover - 9789027927255
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