Sound Structures: Studies for Antonie Cohen

Sound Structures: Studies for Antonie Cohen

Hardcover - 9783110133479
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Frontmatter -- Preface -- Antonie Cohen as a Phonetician and a Linguist / Schultink, H. -- Publications by Antonie Cohen / Broecke, Marcel P.R. van den -- Effects of Voice Adaptation on Word Recognition / Balen, C.W. van -- Wolfgang von Kempelen's Speaking Machine as a Performer / Broecke, Marcel P.R. van den -- Echoes on Speech Transmission Lines: / Brokx, Jan. P.L. -- The Perceptual Relevance of the Formant Trajectories in Dutch Diphthongs / Collier, Rene / Hart, Hans't -- Some Observations on Assimilation of Voicing in German and Dutch / Dommelen, Wim A. van -- Quality and Quantity in English by Dutchmen: Two Parameters inducing Double Dutch / Elsendoorn, Ben A.G. -- Language Universals, Language Individuality, and Linguistic Relativity in the Works of Etsko Kruisinga / Essen, Arthur J. van -- The Acoustic Manifestation of Stress in Danish with Particular Reference to the Reduction of Stress in Compounds -- Aspects of a Model of Speech Production: Evidence from Speech Errors / Fromkin, Victoria A. -- Ways of Accentuation in Monotonous Eiectrolaryngeal Speech: A Pilot Investigation / Geel, Rob C. van -- Acquisition of Consonant Clusters / Günzburger, Deborah -- Distinctive Feature Constraints on Speech Errors / Gvozdanovic, Jadranka -- Rise Time and Duration of Friction Noise as Perceptual Cues in the Affricate-Fricative Contrast in English / Heuven, Vincent J. van -- Systematics in Vowel Systems / Beinum, Florien J. Koopmans-van -- Syntax and Assimilation of Voice in Dutch / Loots, Marijke -- Is Speech Production controlled by Speech Perception? / Nooteboom, Sieb G. -- Preserved Mispronunciations and the Interpretation of Results obtained in a Shadowing Task / Ottevanger, Ingrid ¿. -- Perceptual Evaluation of some Proposed Models of Intonation / Pijper, Jan-Roelof de -- Intelligibility of Dutch and English Numbers under Reduced Listening Conditions / Ringeling, J.C.T. -- Perception of Plosive Consonants / Schouten, Marten E.H. / Pols, Louis C.W. -- Assimilation of Voice in Relation to Voice Quality / Slis, Iman H. -- Phonological Properties of the Dutch Velar Nasal / Trommelen, Mieke -- The Perception of Sentence Accent in the Perspective of Speech Processing / Vingerling, M. -- Towards an Objective Course in English Intonation: Standardized Precepts / Willems, Nico -- Lexical and Phonological Properties of Dutch Voicing Assimilation / Zonneveld, Wim -- Tabula Gratulatoria


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Januar 1983
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 29 mm
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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783110133479
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