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Socialization and Communication in Primary Groups

Socialization and Communication in Primary Groups

Hardcover - 9789027977304
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Frontmatter -- Introduction / WILLIAMS, THOMAS R. -- PART ONE -- Socialization: A Brief Review of Directions of Research / BROWN, JUDITH K. -- The Nonsocial Behavior of Young Liberian Kpelle Children and Its Social Context / ERCHAK, GERALD M. -- Child Rearing in India: A Case Study in Change and Modernization / SEYMOUR, SUSAN -- Structural Changes in the Family in Kerala, India / KURIAN, GEORGE -- Psychological Correlates of Family Socialization in the United States and Korea / MADAY, BELA C. / SZALAY, LORAND B. -- Aspects of Personality in a Communal Society / HOSTETLER, JOHN A. -- After Coming of Age: Adult Awareness of Age Norms / PLATH, DAVID W. / IKEDA, KEIKO -- Delegation of Parental Roles in West Africa and the West Indies / GOODY, ESTHER N. -- To Be Treated as a Child of the Home: Black Carib Child Lending in a British West Indian Society / SANFORD, MARGARET -- Who Raises Black Children: Transactions of Child Givers and Child Receivers / STACK, CAROL B. -- The Functionally Extended Family in Lebanon and the Effects of Its Solidarity on the Mental Health of the Individual / HADDAD, ANEES A. -- Differential Enculturation and Social Class in Canadian Schools / SMOLLETT, ELEANOR W. -- On the Origin of the Socialization Process / WILLIAMS, THOMAS R. -- PART TWO -- Infant Vocalization: Communication Before Speech / BULLOWA, MARGARET / FIDELHOLTZ, JAMES L. / KESSLER, ALLAN R. -- Language, Paralanguage, and Body Motion in the Structure of Conversations / DUNCAN, STARKEY D. -- Human Linguistics andFace-to-Face Interaction / YNGVE, VICTOR Η. -- Interactions and the Control of Behavior / McBRIDE, GLEN -- Proxemic Research: A Check on the Validity of Its Techniques / FORSTON, ROBERT F. -- Α Photographic Method for the Recording and Evaluation of Cross-Cultural Proxemic Interaction Patterns / SCHERER, SHAWN E. -- Linguistic and Kinesic Correlates in Code Switching / RAFFLER-ENGEL, WALBURGA VON -- Towards an Operational Definition of Self-Awareness / GALLUP, GORDON G. -- Communicative Styles in Two Cultures: Japan and the United States / BARNLUND, DEAN C. -- The Social Function of Experiences of Altered Perception / CALHOUN, CRAIG JACKSON -- PART THREE -- The Individual as a Crucial Locus of Culture / FISCHER, JOHN L. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Januar 1975
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 39 mm
Gewicht 962 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027977304
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 488