Social Networks and Social Support in Childhood and Adolescence

Social Networks and Social Support in Childhood and Adolescence

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Frontmatter -- 1. Child and Adolescent Research as a Challenge and Opportunity for Social Support Theory, Measurement, and Intervention: And Vice Versa / Nestmann, Frank / Hurrelmann, Klaus -- Part I Social Support in Childhood and Adolescence - Theoretical Perspectives -- 2. How Does Social Support Function in Childhood? / Bryant, Brenda K. -- 3. Convoys of Attachment and Social Relations in Children, Adolescents, and Adults / Antonucci, Toni C. / Akiyama, Hiroko -- 4. Social Support in the Relationships Between Older Adolescents and Adults / Gottlieb, Benjamin H. / Sylvestre, John C. -- 5. Children's Friendships and Peer Culture: Implications for Theories of Network and Support / Youniss, James -- 6. Social Support During Adolescence: Methodological and Theoretical Considerations / Cauce, Ana Mari / Mason, Craig / Gonzales, Nancy / Hiraga, Yumi / Liu, Gloria -- Part II Social Support, Social Competence, and Prosocial Behavior -- 7. Social Support and Social Competences: Some Theoretical and Empirical Contributions to Their Relationship / Röhrle, Bernd / Sommer, Gert -- 8. The Transactional Relations Between Social Support and Children's Competence / Aken, Marcel A.G. van -- 9. Socialization, Social Support, and Social Competence in Adolescence: The Individual in Perspective / Jackson, Sandy -- 10. On the Interface Between Social Support and Prosocial Behavior: Methodological and Theoretical Implications / Bierhoff, Hans W. -- Part III Supportive Functions of Parents and Peers -- 11. Social Relationships and Support Among Peers During Middle Childhood / Oswald, Hans / Krappmann, Lothar / Uhlendorff, Hans / Weiss, Karin -- 12. Children's Social Networks and the Development of Social Competence: A Longitudinal Analysis / Gödde, Mechthild / Engfer, Anette -- 13. The Role of Parents and Peers in the Sexual and Relational Socialization of Adolescents / Bois-Reymond, Manuela du / Ravesloot, Janita -- 14. Psychosocial Problems and Social Support in Adolescence / Meeus, Wim -- 15. Analyzing the Strength of Supportive Ties in Adolescent Social Supports / Cotterell, John L. -- Part IV Social Support in Stressful Family Conditions -- 16. Family Socialization of Threat Appraisal and Coping: Coaching, Modeling, and Family Context / Kliewer, Wendy / Sandler, Irwin / Wolchik, Sharlene -- 17. Social Support Issues for "Latchkey" and Supervised Children / Belle, Deborah -- 18. The Social Networks of Adolescents and Their Mothers: Influences on Blacks and Whites in Single- and Two-Parent Families / Hirsch, Barton J. / Boerger, Rebecca / Levy, Alexis Engel / Mickus, Maureen -- 19. Social Support in Single-Parent Families: Children as Sources of Support / Nestmann, Frank / Niepel, Gabriele -- 20. Social Support in Chronically Sick Children and Their Families / Eiser, Christine -- Part V Cultural and Sociocultural Backgrounds of Social Support -- 21. The Sociocultural Environment as a Source of Support / Bö, Inge -- 22. Family and Peer Support of Israeli and German Adolescents / Neubauer, Georg / Mansel, Jürgen / Avrahami, Arza / Nathan, Michael -- 23. Supportive Interactions in Cultural Context / Tietjen, Anne Marie -- 24. Parentless Friends: A Cross-Cultural Examination of Networks Among Street Children and Street Youth / Ennew, Judith -- Part VI Conclusion -- 25. Issues Concerning Social Support in Childhood and Adolescence / Aken, Marcel A.G. van / Coleman, John C. / Cotterell, John L.

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