Social media marketing for direct selling tour operators

Social media marketing for direct selling tour operators

Taschenbuch - 9783845400020
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von Daan Herbes


Social Media Marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Companies in all industries acknowledge the necessity of following this trend, some with success, some without. From research can be concluded that most direct selling tour operators are actually using social media as a marketing vehicle, however, a lack of focus, knowledge, proper execution and strategy often leads to failure in achieving (pre-set) goals and expectations. This dissertation provides direct selling tour operators and companies in general with a how-to into social media marketing. It indicates how and why social media marketing should differ from traditional marketing, how a social media marketing strategy should be formulated, how it can be put to practice most effectively and the potential benefits. Throughout the dissertation traditional marketing tools and media form the foundation on which the results are built.

Tags: Wirtschaft, Werbung, Marketing

Taschenbuch - 9783845400020
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