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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Religion -- The Feminization of American Congregationalism, 1730-1835 / SHIELS, RICHARD D. -- Young Women in the Second Great Awakening in New England / COTT, NANCY F. -- Domesticity and Religion in the Antebellum Period: The Career of Phoebe Palmer / LOVELAND, ANNE C. -- A Women's Awakening: Evangelical Religion and the Families of Utica, New York, 1800-1840 / RYAN, MARY P. -- Maternity ... of the Spirit: Nuns and Domesticity in Antebellum America / MANNARD, JOSEPH G. -- Evangelical Womanhood in the Nineteenth Century: The Role of Women in Sunday Schools / BOYLAN, ANNE M. -- Memoranda and Documents: The Feminization Controversy: Sexual Stereotypes and the Paradoxes of Piety in Nineteenth-Century America / REYNOLDS, DAVID S. -- Women in the Presbyterian Church - An Historical Overview / PENFIELD, JANET HARBISON -- Religion and the New England Mill Girl: A New Perspective on an Old Theme / LAZEROW, JAMA -- "Female Laborers in the Church": Women Preachers in the Northeastern United States, 1790-1840 / BILLINGTON, LOUIS -- She Hath Done What She Could: Protestant Women's Missionary Careers in Nineteenth-Century America / WELTER, BARBARA -- Outside the Mainstream: Women's Religion and Women Religious Leaders in Nineteenth-Century America / BEDNAROWSKI, MARY FARRELL -- "Together and in Harness": Women's Traditions in the Sanctified Church / GILKES, CHERYL TOWNSEND -- "Christian Woman, Pious Wife, Faithful Mother, Devoted Missionary": Conflicts in Roles of American Missionary Women in Nineteenth-Century Hawaii / GRIMSHAW, PATRICIA -- The Local Parish as a Female Institution: The Experience of All Saints Episcopal Church in Frontier Minnesota / GUNDERSEN, JOAN R. -- Women's Response to Plural Marriage / MEHR, KAHLILE -- Zenanas and Girlless Villages: The Ethnology of American Evangelical Women, 1870-1910 / BRUMBERG, JOAN JACOBS -- Sisters of St. Joseph: The Americanization of a French Tradition / BYRNE, PATRICIA -- Catholic Women Religious and Women's History: A Survey of the Literature / KOLMER, ELIZABETH -- Transitions in Judaism: The Jewish American Woman through the 1930s / PRATT, NORMA FAIN -- In Search of Unconventional Women: Histories of Puerto Rican Women in Religious Vocations before Mid-Century / KORROL, VIRGINIA SÁNCHEZ -- Catholic Laywomen in the Culture of American Catholicism in the 1950s / BURNS, JEFFREY M. -- Copyright Information -- Index

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