Psychological Anthropology

Psychological Anthropology

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Frontmatter -- Introduction / WILLIAMS, THOMAS R. -- PART ONE -- Variations on a Theme by Ruth Benedict / MANDELBAUM, DAVID G. -- The Quest of the Argonauts / McDOUGALL, LORNA -- The Archaic Illusion: A Re-examination of Lévi-Strauss' View of the Developing Child / BROWN, JUDITH K. -- The Species-Specific Framework of Man and Its Evolution / KRAKAUER, DANIEL -- The Oedipus Complex and the Bengali Family in India (A Study of Father-Daughter Relations in Bengal) / ROY, MANISHA -- PART TWO -- Researching the Psychology of Culture Change / SPINDLER, LOUISE S. -- Projective Doll Play Reconsidered: The Use of a Group Technique with Rural Mexican Children / BUSHNELL, JOHN / BUSHNELL, DONNA -- Dreams as Charismatic Significants: Their Bearing on the Rise of New Religious Movements / LANTERNARI, VITTORIO -- Northern Algonkian Cannibalism and Windigo Psychosis / BISHOP, CHARLES A. -- American Indian "Social Pathology": A Re-examination / EVERETT, MICHAEL W. -- PART THREE -- Formation of Dominance Hierarchies in Young Children / OMARK, DONALD R. / OMARK, MONICA / EDELMAN, MURRAY -- Aggression in the !Ko-Bushmen / EIBL-EIBESFELDT, I. -- Cultural Variability in the Structuring of Violence / SMITH, M. ESTELLIE -- A Consideration of Feud and Conflict in a Mediterranean Island Society / LOPASIC, ALEXANDER -- Culture and the Expression of Emotion / SORENSON, E. RICHARD -- Strategies for Self-esteem and Prestige in Maradi, Niger Republic / BARKOW, JEROME H. -- Fatalism and Type of Information Sensitivity / NIELSEN, RICHARD P. -- PART FOUR -- The Social Perception of Illness in Some Tunisian Villages / TEITELBAUM, JOEL M. -- Culturally Contrasting Therapeutic Systems of the West Sepik: The Lujere / MITCHELL, WILLIAM E. -- The Dynamics of Therapy in the Lower Zaire / JANZEN, JOHN M. -- Suffering as a Religious Imperative in Afghanistan / CANFIELD, ROBERT L. -- Understanding Ritual Process in the Medical Setting / CRAIN, JAY B. -- Sex, Nature, and Culture in Ponapean Myth / FISCHER, J. L. -- PART FIVE -- Mental Configurations: An Approach to Guatemalan Culture Change / DOMÍNGUEZ, ALFREDO MÉNDEZ / DARROW, GORDON -- Some Filipino (Cebuano) Social Values and Attitudes Viewed in Relation to Development (A Cebuano Looks at Utang-Na-Loob and Hiyâ) / QUISUMBING, LOURDES R. -- Change in Rank and Status in the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga / URBANOWICZ, CHARLES F. -- When Brokers Go Broke: Implications of Role Failure in Cultural Brokerage / SALOVESH, MICHAEL -- PART SIX -- Psychological Anthropology: Trends, Accomplishments, and Future Tasks / HONIGMANN, JOHN J. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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