Psycholinguistic Studies in Language Processing

Psycholinguistic Studies in Language Processing

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von Michael Bock, Gert Rickheit (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Content -- Preface -- Chapter 1: Problems of Meaning -- On the Difficulties of Using the Concept of a Dictionary - and the Impossibility of Not Using it / HÖRMANN, HANS -- Inter- and Intraindividual Differences in Meaning / WICHTER, SIGURD -- On the "Natural" Meaning of Acoustic Signals / BOCK, MICHAEL -- The Latent Semantics of Verbal Association / STRUBE, GERHARD -- The Meaning-Confining Function of the Adjective / MARX, WOLFGANG -- Some Preliminary Remarks on Net-Linguistic Semantics / SCHNELLE, HELMUT -- Chapter 2: Sentence Processing -- Elective Decay of Meaning in Working Memory and the Process of Discourse Comprehension / LE NY, JEAN FRANÇOIS / ACHOUR, LHACÈNE / CARFANTAN, MARYVONNE / VERSTIGGEL, JEAN-CLAUDE -- Foci of Attention in Comprehension and Production of Sentences / ENGELKAMP, JOHANNES / ZIMMER, HUBERT D. -- Chapter 3: Text Processing -- Person Description: Some Empirical Findings Concerning the Production and Reproduction of a Specific Text Type / WINTERMANTEL, MARGRET / CHRISTMANN, URSULA -- On the Influence of Text Organization on Learning Outcomes / SCHNOTZ, WOLFGANG -- Inference Processes in Text Comprehension / RICKHEIT, GERT / KOCK, HORST -- Strategies of Repeated Text Processing / WEINGARTEN, RÜDIGER / RICKHEIT, GERT / STROHNER, HANS -- The Influence of Pictures on the Processing of Texts: Reading Time, Intelligibility, Recall, Aesthetic Effect, Need for Rereading / BOCK, MICHAEL -- The Semantic Power of Verbal and Pictorial Parts of Situations / JÖRG, SABINE -- Criteria of Understanding and Understandability / HERINGER, HANS JÜRGEN -- Text, Signification, Models, and Correlates. Some Aspects of Text Comprehension and Text Interpretation / PETÖFI, JÁNOS S. -- Author Index -- Subject Index -- Backmatter

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