Professional and White-Collar Employments

Professional and White-Collar Employments

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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- "UNION FEVER": Organizing Among Clerical Workers, 1900-1930 / Feldberg, Roslyn L. -- Between Two Worlds: Business Women in a Chicago Boarding House, 1900-1930 / Fine, Lisa M. -- Tempest on the Hudson: The Struggle for "Equal Pay for Equal Work" in the New York City Public Schools, 1907-1911 / Doherty, Robert E. -- Sometimes Independent But Never Equal-Women Teachers, 1900-1950: The Oklahoma Example / Vaughn-Roberson, Courtney Ann -- Women's Participation in the Olympic Games 1900-1926 / Mitchell, Sheila -- Cookbooks and Law Books: The Hidden History of Career Women in Twentieth Century America / Stricker, Frank -- Making Flying "Thinkable": Women Pilots and the Selling of Aviation, 1927-1940 / Corn, Joseph J. -- Toward a History of Women in Librarianship: A Critical Analysis with Suggestions for Further Research / Maack, Mary Niles -- The Complex Visions of Female Teachers and the Failure of Unionization in the 1930s: An Oral History / Quantz, Richard A. -- "The Clerking Sisterhood": Rationalization and the Work Culture of Saleswomen in American Department Stores, 1890-1960 / Benson, Susan Porter -- Women in the Creation of the Profession of Social Work / Chambers, Clarke A. -- Occupational Segregation, Teachers' Wages, and American Economic Growth / Carter, Susan B . -- Academic Women Revisited: An Empirical Study of Changing Patterns in Women's Employment as College and University Faculty, 1890-1963 / Carter, Susan Boslego -- Copyright Information -- Index

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