Prehistoric Maritime Adaptations of the Circumpolar Zone

Prehistoric Maritime Adaptations of the Circumpolar Zone

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Frontmatter -- Introduction / FITZHUGH, WILLIAM -- PART ONE: Scandinavia -- Agriculture, Inland Hunting, and Sea Hunting in the Western and Northern Region of the Baltic, 6000-2000 B.C. / WELINDER, STIG -- The Rock Carvings at Nämforsen, Ångermanland, Sweden, as a Problem of Maritime Adaptation and Circumpolar Interrelations / MALMER, MATS P. -- Prehistoric Coastal Settlement on the Upper Bothnian Coast of Northern Sweden / CHRISTIANSSON, HANS / BROADBENT, NOEL D. -- Use of Slate in the Circumpolar Region / MØLLENHUS, KRISTEN R. -- When and Why Did Occupational Specialization Begin at the Scandinavian North Coast? / SIMONSEN, POVL -- Maritime Adaptations in Northern Norway's Prehistory / GJESSING, GUTORM -- Circumpolar Adaptation Zones East-West and Cross-Economy Contacts North-South: an Outsider's Query, Especially on Ust'-Poluj / MOBERG, CARL-AXEL -- PART TWO: NORTH PACIFIC AND BERING SEA -- Problems of the Origin of Ancient Sea Hunters Cultures in the Northern Pacific / VASILIEVSKY, R. S. -- The Okhotsk Culture, a Maritime Culture of the Southern Okhotsk Sea Region / OHYI, HARUO -- Stability and Adaptability in the Evolution of Hunting Tools in Ancient Eskimo Cultures / ARUTIUNOV, S. / SERGEEV, D. -- Coastal Adaptation and Cultural Change in Alaskan Eskimo Prehistory / DUMOND, DON ¿. -- Aleut Adaptation and Evolution / LAUGHLIN, WILLIAM S. / AIGNER, JEAN S. -- Technological Continuity and Change Within a Persistent Maritime Adaptation: Kodiak Island, Alaska / CLARK, DONALD W. -- Marine Transgressions and Cultural Adaptation: Preliminary Tests of an Environmental Model / GRABERT, G. F. / LARSEN, C. E. -- PART THREE: Northwest Atlantic -- Maritime Adaptation on the Northwestern Atlantic Coast / TUCK, JAMES A. -- Demography and Adaptations of Eighteenth-Century Eskimo Groups in Northern Labrador and Ungava / TAYLOR, J. GARTH -- PART FOUR: Comparative Studies -- Maritime Adaptations in Cold Archipelagoes: An Analysis of Environment and Culture in the Aleutian and Other Island Chains / McCARTNEY, A. P. -- A Comparative Approach to Northern Maritime Adaptations / FITZHUGH, WILLIAM -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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