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Physiological and Morphological Adaptation and Evolution

Physiological and Morphological Adaptation and Evolution

Hardcover - 9789027977106
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Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Introduction / STINI, WILLIAM A. -- SECTION ONE Phenotypic Variation Among Human Populations -- Skin Color Variability in the Middle East / SUNDERLAND, E. -- Factor Analysis of Anthropometric Data for Fifteen Race-Age-National Origin Specific Groups / CHURCHILL, EDMUND / RABINOW, DAVID / ERSKINE, PEGGY -- Certain Problems of Ethnic Anthropology in Southwest Asia in the Light of the Latest Research / ABDUSHELISHVILI, M. G. -- Recent Anthropological Data on the Ammassalimiut Eskimo of East Greenland: Comparative Studies / DUCROS, ALBERT / DUCROS, JACQUELINE -- Natural Selection and Physical Adaptation to a Biotype of Tropical Africa / CROGNIER, EMILE -- Territorial Morphofunctional Studies in the Soviet Union: the Problem of Adaptive Types / ALEKSEEVA, Τ. I. -- Adaptation of Morphology to Climate in Central Africa / HIERNAUX, JEAN -- The Differential Geography of Races / ALEXEEV, V. P. -- Blood Levels of Some Biochemical Components among Negroid Individuals with Hemoglobin A and AS / CORRENTI, V. / SPEDINI, G. / CRESTA, M. / VECCHI, F. / CAPUCCI, E. -- Genogeography of Blood Factors in the Transcaucasus / VORONOV, A. A. -- Morphological Peculiarities of the Body Frame in Different Ethnoterritorial Groups / SMIRNOVA, N. S. -- Effects of Isolation on Genetic Variability: Macaque Populations as Model Systems / MORRIS, LAURA NEWELL / NUTE, PETER E. -- SECTION TWO Growth and Development -- Introduction / STINI, WILLIAM A. -- Variations in Female Physique / EIBEN, O. G. -- Body Composition of Japanese Children: Factor Analysis of Development / KANDA, S. -- Genetics of Human Morphological Characters / SUSANNE, C. -- Lean Body Mass in Young, Adult, and Advanced Age Groups / PAŘÍZKOVÁ, JANA -- Skeletal Maturation of Japanese-American Hybrids / KIMURA, KUNIHIKO -- Growth and Environment Studies in Czechoslovakia / PROKOPEC, MIROSLAV -- Some Biosocial Determinants of the Growth, Healthy and Nutritional Status of Papua New Guinean Preschool Children / MALCOLM, L. A. -- Processes of Human Growth in High Altitudes / MIKLASHEVSKAYA, Ν. N. / SOLOVYEVA, V. S. / GODINA, Ε. Z. -- Research on Puberty in Haiti / ROMAIN, J. B. -- The Development of Gypsy Children in Changing Living Conditions / SUCHÝ, JAROSLAV -- The Relationship Between Human Body Constitution, Longevity, Disease, and Causes of Death / RÂMNEANTZU, PETER -- One of the Factors of Brachycephalization over the Centuries: The Susceptibility of Dolichocephals to Tuberculosis / OLIVIER, G. / DE CASTRO E ALMEIDA, Μ. E. / TISSIER, H. -- A Study of Morphological Variables and Genetic Markers in Urban and Rural South African Negro Male Populations / VILLIERS, HERTHA DE -- Physical Growth and the Social Environment: A West African Example / FIAWOO, D. K. -- Progressive Decline in Stature in India: A Study of Sixty Population Groups / GANGULY, PRANAB -- A Study of Height, Weight, and Arm Girth Measurements of Punjabi Males / SINGH, RAGHBIR -- Nutrition and Pregnancy / ROBSON, JOHN R. K. -- The Age at Menarche in Venezuelan Students Residing in Metropolitan Caracas / BRIEF, FRITZI KOHN DE -- The Relevance of Nourishment to the Reproductive Cycle of the Female in India / KATONA-APTE, JUDIT -- An Anatomical View of Demographic Data: Biomass, Fat Mass, and Lean Body Mass of the United States and Mexican Human Populations / LASKER, GABRIEL / WOMACK, HENRY -- Individual Differences in Skeletal Muscle Fiber Composition / INOKUCHI, S. -- Adaptive Strategies of Human Populations under Nutritional Stress / STINI, WILLIAM A. -- SECTION THREE Effects of Chromosomal Variation on Human Development -- Comments on the Effects of Chromosomal Variation on Human Development / ABDEL-HAMEED, FATHI -- The XX Male and the XY Female in Humans / ABDEL-HAMEED, FATHI / GLUESING, LINDA M. -- Hormonal Factors in Formative Processes / KHRISANFOVA, Ε. Ν. -- Polyploidy in Humans and Other Vertebrates / ABDEL-HAMEED, FATHI -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Juli 1979
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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027977106
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