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Perspectives on Ethnicity

Perspectives on Ethnicity

Hardcover - 9789027976901
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Frontmatter -- General Editor’s Preface -- SECTION ONE Theoretical Issues in the Study of Ethnicity -- The Study of Ethnicity: An Overview / HOLLOMAN, REGINA Ε. -- Problems of Ethnicity in Soviet Ethnographic Studies / ARUTIUNOV, S. A. / BROMLEY, YU. V. -- On the Typology of Ethnic Communities / BROMLEY, YU. V. -- Psychotopology and its Application to Cross-Disciplinary, Cross-Professional, and Cross-Cultural Communication / MARUYAMA, MAGOROH -- SECTION TWO Ethnicity as Identity: Individuals, Families, and Isolated Groups -- Endogenous Research and Polyocular Anthropology / MARUYAMA, MAGOROH -- Jívaro Headhunters in a Headless Time / SIVERTS, HENNING -- Opposition as a Component of Ethnic Self- Consciousness / PORSHNEV, B. F. -- Ethnicity and the Family in the Soviet Union / GANTSKAJA, O. A. / TERENTEVA, L. N. -- New Developments in Family Life in the Countryside in Belorussia / BONDARCHIK, V. K. / SOBOLENKO, E. R. -- Interethnic Families in the National Republics in the Middle Reaches of the Volga / BUSYGIN, E. P. / ZORIN, Ν. V. -- Trends in Marriages Between Negroes and Whites in Chicago / ROBERTS, ROBERT Ε. T. -- Changing Patterns of Ethnic Identity and Prestige in East Africa -- SECTION THREE Contact, Acculturation, and Boundary Maintenance -- Region, Religion, and Language: Parameters of Identity in the Process of Acculturation / ΑΡΤΕ, MAHADEV L. -- Contrasting Value Orientation of Peasant Communities and its Persistence into Modernization / ANDRÁSFALVY, BERTALAN -- Nigeria’s 250 Ethnic Groups: Realities and Assumptions / GANDONU, AJATO -- The Chinese Community in Canada before 1947 and Some Recent Developments / CHOW, W. S. -- The Tuli-Chinese Balk Line: Minimal Group Self-Identity / TWEDDELL, COLIN E. -- Jewish Communities as Cultural Units / ZENNER, WALTER P. -- Rājasthān and Rajasthänī: Switching Over from Hindī to Rājasthānī / GUPTA, MOTĪ LĀL -- When Brokers Go Broke: Implications of Role Failure in Cultural Brokerage / SALOVESH, MICHAEL -- SECTION FOUR Ethnicity and the Future -- Class and Ethnic Consciousness: The Case of the Mapuche Indians of Chile / BERDICHEWSKY, BERNARDO -- Problems of Identifying Ethnic Processes / KOZLOV, V. I. -- The Peculiarities of Ethnonational Development in the Polyethnic Liberated Countries / MARETIN, IU. V. -- Contemporary Ethnic Processes in Siberia / GURVICH, I. S. -- Socialism and Ethnic Features of Nations: The Example of the Peoples of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics / KULICHENKO, Μ. I. -- The Development of Interethnic Relations in the Ukraine / NAULKO, V. I. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung Dezember 1978
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 38 mm
Gewicht 942 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789027976901
Auflage Reprint 2011
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