People's Law and state law: the Bellagio papers

People's Law and state law: the Bellagio papers

Hardcover - 9783110131086
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Frontmatter -- Introduction by Antony Allott and Gordon R. Woodman -- PART I INFORMAL SOCIAL CONTROL -- Introduction / Griffiths, J. -- "Popular Law-Making in Western Society" / Allott, Antony -- "Cultural Ideology and Empirical Reality: Case Studies in Contemporary Law Management" / Alum Jr., Rolando A. -- "How the Qolla Handle Homicide: the Demifeud in Action" / Bolton, Ralph -- "Indigenous Law and Official Law in the Contemporary United States" / Galanter, Marc -- "Intuitive Law versus Folk Law" / Podgorecki, Adam -- PART II FOLK LAW IN STATE COURTS -- Introduction / Schott, Rüdiger -- "The Use of Folk Law in West Sumatran State Courts" / Benda-Beckmann, Keebet von -- "Evolution of the Different Regimes of Customary Law in Ghana within the Framework of the Principle of Stare Decisis" / Kludze, A.K.P. -- "From Folk Law Towards Jurists' Law: a Critical Review of the State Courts' Practice Concerning Adat Law in Indonesia" / Koesnoe, Mohammed -- "The sublety of Legal Change: a Lesson from Northern Zambia" / Singer, Norman J. -- "Folk Law in Official Courts of Turkey" / Starr, June -- "Customary Law, State Courts, and the Notion of Institutionalization of Norms in Ghana and Nigeria" / Woodman, Gordon R. -- PART III COMPETITION BETWEEN STATE AND UNOFFICIAL LAW -- Introduction / Fitzpatrick, Peter -- "Popular Justice, Participatory Development and Power Politics: the Lok Adalat in Turmoil" / Baxi, Upendra -- "Some Comparative Generalizations about the Differential Use of State and Folk Institutions of Dispute Settlement" / Benda-Beckmann, Franz von -- "The Channel of Official Law to Unofficial Law in Japan" / Chiba, Masaji -- "Four Laws of Interaction in Circumstances of Legal Pluralism: First Steps Towards and Explanatory Theory" / Griffiths, J. -- "Justice Against the Law: Traditional and Modern Jurisdiction in Northern Ghana" / Schott, Rüdiger -- "Some Preliminary Notes to the Socio-Legal Documentary Film: In Search of Justice: Different Levels of Dispute Settlement Among the Anufòm in North Togo" / Rouveroy van Nieuwaal, E.A.B. van -- PART IV NEO-MARXIST INTERPRETATIONS OF FOLK LAW IN PLURALISTIC LEGAL SYSTEMS -- Introduction / Benda-Beckmann, Franz von -- "Underdevelopment and the Plurality of Law" / Fitzpatrick, Peter -- "Local Law in Black Africa: Contemporary Experiences of Folk Law Facing State and Capital in Senegal and Some Other Countries" / Le Roy, Etienne -- "Folk Law' and Historical Transitions: Some Conceptual Issues" / Snyder, Francis G. -- PART V LEGAL POLICY -- Introduction / Woodman, Gordon R. -- "Informal Alternatives to Courts as a Mode of Legalizing Conflict" / Abel, Richard L. -- "Toward the Development of a Northwest Territories Law Reform Capability to Enable the Development of Proposals for New Legislation to Meet the Special Needs and Circumstances of Northern Peoples" / Bayly, John U. -- "Alaskan Bush Justice: Legal Centralism Confronts Social Science Research and Village Alaska" / Conn, Stephen -- "The Role of Traditional Inuit Measures for Social Control in Correctional Policy and Administration" / Finkler, Harold W. -- Kirby, Justice M.D."Australian Aboriginal Customary Law: Progress Report" -- "Recognition of Folk Institutions for Dispute-Settlement in Lombok, Indonesia" / Strijbosch, F. -- The Authors -- Note on the Commission on Folk Law and Legal Pluralism


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