Peirce's Doctrine of Signs: Theory, Applications, and Connections

Peirce's Doctrine of Signs: Theory, Applications, and Connections

Hardcover - 9783110142525
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Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contents -- Citations of Peirce's works -- Part 1. A general theory of signs: Its possibility and purpose -- General theories, vague utterances, and fruitful inquiries / Colapietro, Vincent M. -- The philosophic significance of Peirce's theory of signs / Meyers, Robert G. -- Vagueness, generality, and undeciding otherness / Merrell, Floyd -- The Grand Vision / Deely, John -- Part 2. Peirce's conception of semiosis: Presuppositions and articulations -- Peirce's conception of habit / Miller, Marjorie C. -- Information and the metaphysical status of the sign / Debrock, Guy -- Part 3. The components of semiosis -- The object of semeiotic / Joswick, Hugh -- Object and final cause in Peirce's semeiotic / Pape, Helmut -- Antetension, indexicality, and possible worlds / Kalaga, Wojciech -- The ground of semiosis: An implied theory of perspectival realism? / Colapietro, Vincent M. -- Part 4. The classification of signs -- Peirce's second classification of signs / Freadman, Anne -- Peirce's doctrine of symbol / Fitzgerald, John J. -- Symbol, ritual and cognition / Scheffler, Israel -- Index and icon revisited / Elgin, Catherine Z. -- Part 5. The semiosis of metaphor -- Peirce and the interaction view of metaphor / Hausman, Carl R. -- From pure icon to metaphor: Six degrees of iconicity / Braga, Lucia Santaella -- On the neglect of Peirce's views on metaphor in current theories of iconicity / Jappy, Anthony -- Peirce's definition of metaphor and its consequences / Factor, R. Lance -- Part 6. Semiotics and aesthetics -- Aesthetic and artistic semiosis: A Peircean perspective / Heusden, Barend van -- Peirce on fiction: Introduction to an author-orientated semiotics / Ferraresi, Mauro -- Literary art: Meaning as a sign of possibility / Sheriff, John -- Arguments about icons / Johansen, Jørgen Dines -- Othello and Iago: Twins or opponents? On identity in literary semiotics / Larsen, Svend Erik -- Visual semiotics versus pragmaticism: Peirce and photography / Brunet, François -- Music as icon: A critique of twentieth century music semiotic / Howard, Vernon A. -- Part 7. Philosophy, linguistics and semiotics -- Sign structure and sign event in Saussure, Hjelmslev, and Peirce / Johansen, Jørgen Dines -- Relating European structuralist semiotics to American Peircean semeiotic / Wolde, Ellen van -- Peirce and medieval semiotics / Petrilli, Susan / Ponzio, Augusto -- Peirce and Derrida: From sign to sign / Pettigrew, David E. -- Part 8. Semiotics and hermeneutics -- Peirce and hermeneutics / Daube-Schackat, Roland -- Hermeneutic aspects in the light of Peirce's methodology / Riemer, Ines -- A word is not a sign: Hermeneutic semiotics and Peirce's "Ethics of terminology" / Weinsheimer, Joel -- Peirce's pragmatic maxim and K.-O. Apel's idea of a contemplementary hermeneutical science / Freundlieb, Dieter -- Peirce, pragmatism, and interpretation theory / Lavine, Thelma Z. -- The construction of a Peircean hermeneutics / Olshewsky, Thomas M. -- Index


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