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Origins of Semiosis: Sign Evolution in Nature and Culture

Origins of Semiosis: Sign Evolution in Nature and Culture

Hardcover - 9783110141962
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Frontmatter -- Introduction / Nöth, Winfried -- PART I Evolution and biosemiosis -- Breathing life into signs: Ways and means of semiosic transition and transformation / Anderson, Myrdene -- Semiotic principles and systems: Biological foundations of semiotics / Figge, Udo L. -- Opposition at the roots of semiosis / Nöth, Winfried -- Primate nonverbal communication: Our communicative heritage / Preuschoft, Signe / Preuschoft, Holger -- PART II Anthroposemiotic sociogenesis and cultural semiogenesis -- The problem of certainty in human communication: An evolutionary view / Meyer, Peter -- The culture of nature: The semiotic dimensions of microcosm, mesocosm, and macrocosm / Grzybek, Peter -- Evolution of human semiosis and the reading of animal tracks / Hewes, Gordon W. -- Analysis of a human releasing mechanism / Leyhausen, Paul / Pfleiderer, Jörg -- Early social games reconsidered: Culture at play / Vogel, Susan -- Infant semiosis / Trevarthen, Colwyn -- PART III Glottogenesis: Phylogeny, ontogeny, and actogeny -- Language and the origin of semiosis / Allott, Robin -- Language evolution: A Darwinian process / Bichakjian, Bernard Η. -- Deep reconstruction of languages and semantics / Shevoroshkin, Vitaly -- Material time and formal time: Genetically and metagenetically / Harweg, Roland -- The agent and the sentient: A dissymmetry in linguistic and cultural encoding / Ikegami, Yoshihiko -- Language and brain / Schnelle, Helmut -- INTERCHAPTER -- Structure as idyll: The genesis of meaning in nature / Posner, Roland -- PART IV Eikonogenesis and graphogenesis -- Constants in 40,000 years of art / Anati, Emmanuel -- Deixis vs. modeling in the phytogeny of artistic behavior / Bouissac, Paul -- Children's drawings: Ontogenetic aspects and phylogenetic roots / Krampen, Martin -- Can a picture tell a thousand words? Interpreting sequential vs. holistic graphic messages / Janney, Richard W. / Arndt, Horst -- Writing, inscription, and text / Wienold, Götz -- PART V Appendix -- List of contributors -- Index of names -- Index of subjects


Verlag De Gruyter Mouton
Ersterscheinung August 1994
Maße 236 mm x 160 mm x 41 mm
Gewicht 1013 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783110141962
Auflage Reprint 2011
Seiten 520