Organization of Behavior in Face-to-Face Interaction

Organization of Behavior in Face-to-Face Interaction

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von Richard M. Harris, Adam Kendon, Mary R. Key, Mary R. Key (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- General Editor's Preface -- Preface -- Introduction / KENDON, ADAM -- PART ONE: Theoretical Perspectives -- A Human Ethological Approach to Communication: Ideas in Transit Around the Cartesian Impasse / SARLES, HARVEY B. -- Human Linguistics and Face-to-Face Interaction / YNGVE, VICTOR ¿. -- Models and Epistemologies in the Study of Interaction / SCHEFLEN, ALBERT ¿. -- PART TWO: Methodological Studies -- When Infant and Adult Communicate How Do They Synchronize Their Behaviors? / BULLOWA, M. -- Tonic Aspects of Behavior in Interaction / FREY, SIEGFRIED -- Facial Expression Dialect: An Example / SEAFORD, HENRY W. -- PART THREE: Organization of Behavior in Social Encounters -- Micro-Territories in Human Interaction / SCHEFLEN, ALBERT E. -- One Function of Proxemic Shifts in Face-to-Face Interaction / ERICKSON, FREDERICK -- Coverbal Behavior Associated with Conversation Turns / MARKEL, NORMAN N. -- Interaction Units during Speaking Turns in Dyadic, Face-to-Face Conversations / DUNCAN, STARKEY -- Communicative Functions of Phatic Communion / LAVER, JOHN -- PART FOUR: Behavior in Interaction and Linguistic Theory -- The Correlation of Gestures and Verbalizations in First Language Acquisition / RAFFLER ENGEL, WALBURGA VON -- Paralanguage, Communication, and Cognition / HARRIS, RICHARD M. / RUBINSTEIN, DAVID -- Linguistic and Paralinguistic Interchange / LIEBERMAN, PHILIP -- Cross-Cultural Study of Paralinguistic "Alternants" in Face-to-Face Interaction / POYATOS, FERNANDO -- Face-to-Face Interaction: Signs to Language / STOKOE, WILLIAM C. -- Problems and Methods of Psycholinguistics in Face-to-Face Communication / LEONTIEV, A. A. -- PART FIVE: Interaction, Social Relationships, and Social Structure -- Territoriality and the Spatial Regulation of Interaction / VINE, IAN -- Expressive Interaction and Social Structure: Play and an Emergent Game Form in an Israeli Social Setting / HANDELMAN, DON -- Interactions and the Control of Behavior / McBRIDE, GLEN -- PART SIX: Cultural Differences in Communicational Behavior -- Communicative Styles in Two Cultures: Japan and the United States / BARNLUND, DEAN C. -- Culture-Style Factors in Face-to-Face Interaction / LOMAX, ALAN -- Postscripts -- Domains of Definition in Interaction: Postscript to Expressive Interaction and Social Structure / HANDELMAN, DON -- Afterthoughts / ERICKSON, FREDERICK -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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