Niobium Alloys and Compounds

Niobium Alloys and Compounds

Taschenbuch - 9781475760033
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This report was prepared by Hughes Aircraft Company, Culver City, California under Contract No. F33615-70-C-1348. The work was administered under the direction of the Air Force Materials Laboratory, Air Force Systems Cornrnand, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, with Mr. B. Emrich, Project Engineer. The Electronic Properties Information Center (EPIC) is a designated inforrnation Analysis Center of the Departrnent of Defense, authorized to provide inforrnation to the entire DoD cornrnunity. The purpose of the Center is to provide a highly competent source of inforrnation and data on the electronic, optical and magnetic properties of materials of value to the Department of Defense. Its major function is to evaluate, compile and publish the experimental data from the world's unclassified literature concerned with the properties of materials. All materials relevant to the field of electronics are within the scope of EPIC: insulators, semiconductors, metals, superconductors, ferrites, ferroelectrics, ferromagnetics, electro luminescents, therrnionic emitters and optical materials. The Center's scope includes inforrnation on over 100 basic properties of materials; information generally regarded as being in the area of devices and/or circuitry is excluded. Grateful acknowledgement is made for the review and comments of Dr. G. D. Cody of RCA Laboratories and Dr. B. W. Roberts of General Electric Co. V CONTENTS Introduction •. . ••••. . . ••••. . . . . . •• 1 Superconductivity Applications •••• 3 Niobium-Hydrogen •. . ••. •. ••. ••. . •• 15 Niobium-Antimony. • . . . • . • • • • . • • . • • .


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