Native South American Discourse

Native South American Discourse

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von Joel Sherzer, Greg Urban (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Introduction / Joel, Sherzer / -- Semiotic Functions of Macro-parallelism in the Shokleng Origin Myth / Greg, Urban -- Oratory Is Spoken, Myth Is Told, and Song Is Sung, but They Are All Music to My Ears / Anthony, Seeger -- Three Modes of Shavante Vocal Expression: Wailing, Collective Singing, and Political Oratory / Laura, Graham -- Quoted Dialogues in Kalapalo Narrative Discourse / Ellen, Basso -- The Report of a Kuna Curing Specialist: The Poetics and Rhetoric of an Oral Performance / Joel, Sherzer -- Styles of Toba Discourse / Harriet, Klein -- Topic Continuity and OVS Order in Hixkaryana / Desmond C., Derbyshire -- The Decline of Dialogue: Ceremonial and Mythological Discourse among the Shuar and Achuar of Eastern Ecuador / Maurizio, Gnerre -- Guide to Tape Selections -- Index

Tags: Sprachwissenschaft, Literaturwissenschaft, Sonstige Sprachen, Sonstige Literaturen

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