Musical Signification: Essays in the Semiotic Theory and Analysis of Music

Musical Signification: Essays in the Semiotic Theory and Analysis of Music

Hardcover - 9783110140408
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Frontmatter -- Preface / Tarasti, Eero -- Contents -- Theoretical approaches -- Method and system / Mâche, François-Bernard -- Toward a reinterpretation of compositional theory / Lidov, David -- Music and antimetaphor / Charles, Daniel -- The sign and music: A reflection on the theoretical bases of musical semiotics / Mirigliano, Rosario -- How philosophical characterizations of a musical work lose sight of the "music" and how it might be put back / Grund, Cynthia M. -- Interpretation and meaning in music / Christensen, Otto M. -- Music and semantics / Monelle, Raymond -- The application of Hjelmslev's glossematics to music / Henrotte, Gayle A. -- The musical work as sign: Significative constituents, layers, structure / Tarnawska-Kaczorowska, Krystyna -- Asaf'ev and Tynianov: On some analogies between musicology and the study of literature / Kon, Joseph -- Intonation as a specific form of musical semiosis / Jiránek, Jaroslav -- Musical intonation - language of intuition and logic: A contribution to the system of the semiotics of intonation in music / Medushevsky, Viatscheslav -- Empirical studies -- "The voice of the heart": A progressive semiosis on the interval of the sixth / Stefani, Gino -- Pertinence in music / Marconi, Luca -- Meaning and behavior patterns: The creation of meaning in interpreting and listening to music / Delalande, François -- On the genesis of the musical sign / Karbusicky, Vladimir -- Art evolution in the light of brain asymmetry: A trial of empirical investigation / Petrov, Vladimir M. -- A semio-psychological theory of communication in music / Kulka, Jirí -- Character and characterization in musical performance: Effects of sensory experience upon meaning / Pierce, Alexandra -- Tempo deviations and musical signification: A case study / Kurkela, Kari -- The pitch of glide-like F0 curves in Votic folksongs / Ross, Jaan -- The concept of hierarchy: A theoretical approach / Baroni, Mario / Dalmonte, Rossana / Jacoboni, Carlo -- Musical pragmatics and computer modelling / Marsden, Alan A. -- Some relationships between terminology, analytic strategies, and computational methodologies / Ligabue, Marco -- Semiotic bases and computer assisted composition: Towards a cognitive model / Giomi, Francesco / Ligabue, Marco -- Experiments on grammar-based analysis of music / Tiits, Kalev -- Analyses of musical styles and texts -- Metaphor in music / Hatten, Robert S. -- Performative musical acts: The Verdian achievement / Beghelli, Marco -- Peirce's "ground" and 19th-century Lieder / Mosley, David L. -- The couples who remain: With reference to "Ici-bas" by Sully Prudhomme and Fauré / Vouga, Vera -- "Apres un rêve": A semiotic analysis of the song by Gabriel Fauré / Tarasti, Eero -- The problem of narrativity in the symphonic poem En saga by Jean Sibelius / Murtomäki, Veijo -- Orchestration and form in Leos Janácek's Concertino: An analysis of intratextural interaction / Mäkelä, Tomi -- "Music becomes language": Narrative strategies in El cimarrón by Hans-Werner Henze / Stoianova, Ivanka -- Narrativity and electroacoustic music / Grabócz, Márta -- On the sound dimension of prehistoric painted caves and rocks / Reznikoff, Iégor -- The mythical in non-programmatic music / Normet, Leo -- The symbol of the tree in musical Jugendstil / Doubravová, Jarmila -- Aspects of the "Dance of Death" as a semiotic system / Sikora, Gaby -- Authors -- Index


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