Medical Anthropology

Medical Anthropology

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Frontmatter -- SECTION ONE: Native Cultural Aspects of Healing -- Introduction / GROLLIG, FRANCIS -- Witchcraft, the Shaman, and Active Pharmacopoeia / CLUNE, FRANCIS J. -- The Relevance of African Traditional Medicine in Modern Medical Training and Practice / NDETI, KIVUTO -- Body and Spirit among the Sanumá (Yanoama) of North Brazil / TAYLOR, KENNETH I. -- Coca and Popular Medicine in Peru: An Historical Analysis of Attitudes / GAGLIANO, JOSEPH A. -- Social Basis of Illness: A Search for Therapeutic Meaning / CHILIVUMBO, A. B. -- Snakebite Cure among the Rama Indians of Nicaragua / LOVELAND, FRANKLIN O. -- The Traditional Folk Medicine of Taos, New Mexico / BELCOVE, JANET S. -- Different Approaches to Medicine among Different People / TSUNOO, MICHIO -- Post-Partum Salt Packing and Other Medical Practices: Oman, South Arabia / DOORENBOS, HARVEY -- SECTION TWO: Specific Subject Papers -- Introduction / RAPHAEL, DANA -- The Incidence of Mental Illness among Italians in an English-Canadian City / LASSANCE PARTHUN, MARY -- Warning: The Milk in This Package May Be Lethal for Your Infant / RAPHAEL, DANA -- Prehistoric Pictography in North America of Medical Significance / RITTER, DALE W. / RITTER, ERIC W. -- Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Midwifery / COSMINSKY, SHEILA -- Cerro Sechin: Medical Anthropology's Inauguration in Peru? / GROLLIG, FRANCIS -- The Use of Argillaceous Earth as Medicament / RÖMER, B. -- SECTION THREE: Interaction of Traditional and Western Medical Practices -- Introduction / HALEY, HAROLD ¿. -- Human Factors in the Regulation of Parasitic Infections: Cultural Ecology of Hookworm Populations in Rural West Bengal / KOCHAR, V. K. / SCHAD, G. A. / CHOWDHURY, A. B. / DEAN, C. G. / NAWALINSKI, T. -- Analysis of Incidence of Excessive Alcohol Intake by the Indian Population in Montana / GRACIA, M. F. -- Witchcraft: An Allegory? / GROTTANELLI, VINIGI L. -- The Process of Medical Change in a Highland Guatemalan Town / WOODS, CLYDE M. / GRAVES, THEODORE D. -- Endemic Goiter, Salt, and Local Customs in Central America: Prevention of a Preventable Disease / HALEY, HAROLD B. -- Effect of Rural-Urban Migration on Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Disease and Medicine in Southern Peru / QUINTANILLA, A. -- A Transubstantiated Health Clinic in Nepal: A Model for the Future / STABLEIN, WILLIAM -- Traditional African Medicine / KITEME, KAMUTI -- SECTION FOUR: Theoretical Aspects of Medical Anthropology -- Introduction / PFIFFERLING, JOHN HENRY -- Medical Anthropology: Mirror for Medicine / PFIFFERLING, JOHN HENRY -- Emics and Etics of Health Problems in Ethiopia / MESSING, SIMON D. -- Sociocultural Barriers to Technological Change: An Anthropological Approach / BHOWMIK, K. L. / CHOWDHURY, J. BASU ROY -- Reflections / VARGAS, LUIS ALBERTO -- SECTION FIVE: Vox Populorum: Congress Commentaries -- Vox Populorum: Congress Commentaries -- Post Scriptum -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

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