Meaning as Explanation: Advances in Linguistic Sign Theory

Meaning as Explanation: Advances in Linguistic Sign Theory

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von Ellen Contini-Morava, Barbara S. Goldberg (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Introduction: On linguistic sign theory / Contini-Morava, Ellen -- Part I Issues of theory and methodology -- Theory / Diver, William -- Quantitative analysis in Columbia School theory / Reid, Wallis -- Meaning, data, and testing hypotheses / Hirtle, Walter -- Remarks on sign-oriented approaches to language analysis / Gvozdanović, Jadranka -- The purpose of a grammatical analysis / Huffman, Alan -- When contact speakers talk, linguistic theory listens / Otheguy, Ricardo -- Part II Deixis -- Deixis from a cognitive point of view / Janssen, Theo A. J. M. -- Deixis in Swahili: Attention meanings and pragmatic function / Leonard, Robert A. -- Deixis and value: A semantic analysis of the Japanese demonstratives / Aoyama, Takashi -- Part III Lexical meaning -- Only vs. just. Semantic integrality revisited / Tobin, Yishai -- Seeing is believing: Visual categories in the Russian lexicon / Andrews, Edna -- Part IV Meaning in grammar and discourse -- The -ra and -se opposition in Spanish / Goldberg, Barbara Sussman -- Conversational focus / Klein-Andreu, Flora -- Italian pronouns and the virtue of relative meaninglessness / Davis, Joseph -- Acquisition of English articles by native speakers of Spanish / Gorokhova, Elena -- Logical inference involved in interpreting direct message sentences / Yumin, Cheng -- Author index -- Subject index

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