Maritime Adaptations of the Pacific

Maritime Adaptations of the Pacific

Hardcover - 9789027976192
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von Richard W. Casteel, Jean-Claude Passeron, Jean-Claude Passeron (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- INTRODUCTION: Maritime Anthropology / CASTEEL, RICHARD W. / QUIMBY, GEORGE I. -- The Effects of Social Change on Marine Technology in a Pacific Atoll Community / NASON, JAMES D. -- Some Studies of the Influences of Prehistoric Human Predation on Marine Animal Population Dynamics / SHAWCROSS, WILFRED -- Problems of the Origin of Ancient Sea Hunter's Cultures in the Northern Pacific / VASILIEVSKY, R. S. -- Cultural and Social Change in the Modes of Ownership of Stone Tidal Weirs / NISHIMURA, ASAHITARO -- Early Maritime Cultural Orientations in Prehistoric Chile / TRUE, D. L. -- Fishing Effort in the Aboriginal Fisheries of the Santa Barbara Region, California: An Ethnohistorical Appraisal / LANDBERG, LEIF C. W. -- Technological Continuity and Change within a Persistent Maritime Adaptation: Kodiak Island, Alaska / CLARK, DONALD W. -- On the Distribution of Kuskowagamuit Fishcamps: A Study in the Ecology of Adaptative Radiation / MADDOX, DARRYL M. -- Traditional and Contemporary Fishing Cultures on the Soviet Pacific Coast / TAKSAMI, CHUNER M. -- Chinese Fishermen in Hong Kong and in Malaysia / ANDERSON, ¿. N. -- Prehistoric Fauna and Economy in the Solomon Islands / CRAM, C. L. -- The Risks of Dietary Change: A Pacific Atoll Example / POLLOCK, NANCY J. -- Marine Fishing in Archaeological Perspective: Techniques for Determining Fishing Strategies / COUTTS, PETER J. F. -- Biographical Notes -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects

Tags: Soziologie

Hardcover - 9789027976192
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