Management Consultancy: An assignment on Kingsholm Polymer Systems

Management Consultancy: An assignment on Kingsholm Polymer Systems

Taschenbuch - 9783640961009
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von Elisabeth Felice Nehls


Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 1, Anglia Ruskin University, course: Management Consultancy Skills, language: English, abstract: Kingsholm Polymer Systems (KPS), a tape producing company, is located in the UK. It consists of three different sites: the paper masking tape faculty, a pvc tape producing faculty, and a cable jointing faculty. For KPS is in the producing and processing industry, the company acts as supplier to main customers such as electronic wholesalers, electronic cable manufacturers, do-it-yourself stores (DIY), and the automotive industry. 450 members of staff are currently employed at KPS. The challenge KPS has to approach is to bring a new product, the so called Haltadon, to market. By doing so, KPS seeks to achieve a better market position, increase sales, enhance market share and better return on investments (RoI). To cut it short: great expectations concerning improved profitability and reduced costs focus on the desired product launch, an undertaking coming along with certain defiance:
. KPS does have a numerous amount of technical experts but the products do not always meet customer`s expectations.
. KPS does have sales and finance employees but to analyze which clients and products bring value to the company has not been possible yet
. Some of their products are more innovative than those of rivals but because KPS
lacks patent protection, innovations soon become commodity and prices decrease.
. KPS has made it to involve up-to-date cultural aspects but internal disparities especially concerning the HR aspect lead to unsatisfied employees.
. KPS missed access to low priced raw materials which makes it hard to compete with rivals and sustain high margins.
Internal and external defiance mentioned above show that KPS offers some potential - even though the company is struggling at the moment. That underlying potential is the issue which is now to be developed through a situational audit, a strategic analysis, and an implementation of change management activities. An appraisal of recommended consulting activities will be done to support the analysis.

Tags: Wirtschaft, Management

Taschenbuch - 9783640961009
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