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Making Sustainability Measurable

Making Sustainability Measurable

von Michael Wühle
Softcover - 9783662667149
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Making something measurable means being able to control it

Sustainability is a term with a wealth of meanings and many possible misinterpretations. Yet sustainability can be a powerful and effective tool to guide our practical actions and simplify complicated decisions.

Sustainability can save costs and stabilize any organization and company. It protects the climate and the environment and leads all people into a good future.

The non-fiction book "Making Sustainability Measurable" is a practical guide on how methods and instruments of sustainability can be used successfully - be it in professional life or in private and voluntary engagement.

The book not only provides the interested layperson with a comprehensive overview of the central aspects of sustainability management, it also offers practitioners important decision-making aids and tips for implementation. The easy-to-understand style conveys all the essential contents of the topic of sustainability even to newcomers. Whether you have previous knowledge or not - with the many immediately implementable "best practices", the book offers a lot of practical application possibilities. The appendices contain unrestricted tools from the author's practice for the introduction of successful sustainability management.

A Practical Book for Sustainable Living and Working


Verlag Springer Berlin
Ersterscheinung Januar 2023
Maße 20.3 cm x 12.7 cm
Gewicht 287 Gramm
Format Softcover
ISBN-13 9783662667149
Auflage 1st ed. 2023
Seiten 248