Logic from a Rhetorical Point of View

Logic from a Rhetorical Point of View

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von Witold Marciszewski


Frontmatter -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- CHAPTER ONE. On the Rhetorical Point of View -- CHAPTER TWO. Mind-Philosophical Logic as a Theory of Intelligence -- CHAPTER THREE. Formalized versus Intuitive Arguments. The Historical Background -- CHAPTER FOUR. Towards the Logic of General Names -- CHAPTER FIVE. The Truth-Functional Calculus and the Ordinary Use of Connectives -- CHAPTER SIX. The Predicate Calculus -- CHAPTER SEVEN. Reasoning, Logic, and Intelligence -- CHAPTER EIGHT. Defining, Logic, and Intelligence -- CHAPTER NINE. Symbolic Logic and Objectual Reasoning Case Studies -- CHAPTER TEN. Implicit Definitions and Conceptual Networks Case Studies -- THE POSTSCRIPT AS A BOOK-NETWORK INTERFACE. Material versus Formal Arguments -- References -- Index of Names -- Index of Subjects -- Extended Table of Contents -- Backmatter

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