Live-Arrangement: vom Pattern zum Song

Live-Arrangement: vom Pattern zum Song

von Jörn Kalle Winter, Jörn Winter, Jürgen Terhag
Taschenbuch - 9783795707811
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Live arrangements combine composition and arrangement techniques with educational practice, their aim and result being musical pieces which are developed in a spontaneous and process-oriented manner during rehearsal. Each participant thus plays an active part in the creative process. Both the book and the DVD provide all tips and tricks for live arrangements with different target groups very clearly, from school class to professional choir, from basic level to highly professional performance. Thus, a plain sheet of music morphs into a group arrangement for an unusual instrumentation, a sheet of lyrics into a choral arrangement for several voices, or a succession of chords into a perfectly fitting band arrangement. For many years, Jürgen Terhag and Jörn Kalle Winter have studied and tested the methodology of live arrangements. This fundamental work summarizes their findings for the first time – for everybody who wishes to bring a new creativity to their musical group work.

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Verlag Schott Music
Ersterscheinung Dezember 2011
Maße 297 mm x 212 mm x 13 mm
Gewicht 484 Gramm
Format Taschenbuch
ISBN-13 9783795707811
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 136