Language and Intergroup Relations in Flanders and the Netherlands

Language and Intergroup Relations in Flanders and the Netherlands

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von Kaz Deprez (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Introduction / Deprez, Kas -- In Flanders -- The Relationship between Flanders and Brussels from 1830 to 1980. Mechanisms of power in a historical context / Velthoven, Harry van -- Minority Problems: On the Progress of Netherlandic Primary Education in Brussels / Deprez, Kas / Wynants, Armel -- Migrants' children in Flemish Schools in Brussels: a Matter of Options / Smeekens, Ludo -- "Community" problems in Belgium: some recent developments in the Flemish-Francophone conflict / Govaert, Serge -- The Evolution of the Diglossic system in Flanders (1850-1914) / Jaspaert, Koen / Belle, William van -- In The Netherlands -- Gradual Dialect Loss and Semantic Fields / Hoppenbrouwers, Cor -- Dialect loss in Maastricht: Attitudes, Functions and Structures / Münstermann, Henk -- Determining the Explanatory Factors of t/d Deletion in the Dialect of Nijmegen / Hout, Roeland van -- Directness, Explicitness and Orientation in Turkish Family Interaction / Huls, Erica -- Socio-cultural Predictors of minority children's first and second Language Proficiency / Verhoeven, Ludo Th. -- Changes in the Pronunciation of Frisian under the Influence of Netherlandic / Feitsma, Anthonia -- Subject index -- List of Authors

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