Internal and External Factors in Syntactic Change

Internal and External Factors in Syntactic Change

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von Marinel Gerritsen, Dieter Stein (Hrsg.)


Frontmatter -- Contents -- Introduction: On “internal” and “external” in syntactic change / Gerritsen, Marinel / Stein, Dieter -- Syntactic change and borrowing: The case of the accusative-and-infinitive construction in English / Fischer, Olga -- External triggers and internal guidance in syntactic development: Coordinating conjunction / Mithun, Marianne -- Do and tun: A semantics and varieties based approach to syntactic change / Stein, Dieter -- Sentence connection as an expression of medieval principles of representation / Betten, Anne -- Grammatical variation and divergence in Vernacular Black English / Rickford, John R. -- Internal and external factors in syntactic change in an historical speech community / Ebert, Robert Peter -- Counterfactual may have / Denison, David -- Changes in subject marking in Japanese / Fujii, Noriko -- Relative clauses in Tok Pisin: Is there a natural pathway? / Aitchison, Jean -- The pairing of structure and function in syntactic development / Ramat, Anna Giacalone -- The history of subordinating conjunctions in some Romance languages / Schlieben-Lange, Brigitte -- Internal and external factors in the stabilization of verb-last order in Dutch infinitive clauses / Gerritsen, Marinel -- Word order change by grammaticalization / Lehmann, Christian -- On the role of prosodic features in syntactic change / Minkova, Donka / Stockwell, Robert P. -- Discourse and diachrony: The rise and fall of Old French SI / Fleischman, Suzanne -- Subject index -- Backmatter

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