Intercultural and Interracial Relations

Intercultural and Interracial Relations

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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Intercultural and Interracial Relations -- The Role of Native Women in the Creation of Fur Trade Society in Western Canada, 1670-1830 / KIRK, SYLVIA VAN -- Honor Ideology, Marriage Negotiation, and Class-Gender Domination in New Mexico, 1690-1846 / GUTIÉRREZ, RAMÓN A. -- Cross-Cultural Marriages in the Southwest: The New Mexico Experience, 1846-1900 / MILLER, DARLIS A. -- Race, Sex, and Region: Black Women in the American West, 1850-1920 / deGRAAF, LAWRENCE B. -- Frontierswomen's Changing Views of Indians in the Trans- Missippippi West / RILEY, GLENDA -- A Complex Bond: Southern Black Domestic Workers and Their White Employers / TUCKER, SUSAN -- The Pocahontas Perplex: The Image of Indian Women in American Culture / GREEN, RAYNA -- Mexican Women in San Antonio, 1830-1860: The Assimilation Process / DYSART, JANE -- Black Women and Their Communities in Colorado / ARMITAGE, SUE / BANFIELD, THERESA / JACOBUS, SARAH -- Black and White Women in Interaction and Confrontation / LERNER, GERDA -- Sharing Bed and Board: Cohabitation and Cultural Difference in Central Arizona Mining Towns, 1863-1873 / JOHNSON, SUSAN L. -- "Hardly a Farm House -- A Kitchen without Them": Indian and White Households on the California Borderland Frontier in 1860 / HURTADO, ALBERT L. -- Women's Work among the Plains Indians / HARTMANN, SUSAN M. -- American Indian Women and the Catholic Church / MATHES, VALERIE SHERER -- Racial Ethnic Women's Labor: The Intersection of Race, Gender and Class Oppression / GLENN, EVELYN NAKANO -- Doing "Women's Work": The Grey Nuns at Fort Totten Indian Reservation, 1874-1900 / PETERSON, SUSAN C. -- Crossing Ethnic Barriers in the Southwest: Women's Agricultural Extension Education, 1914-1940 / JENSEN, JOAN M. -- Newcomers to Navajoland: Transculturation in the Memoirs of Anglo Women, 1900-1945 / Bannan, Helen ¿. -- Women and Intercultural Relations: The Case of Hispanic New Mexico and Colorado / DEUTSCH, SARAH -- Quiet Suffering: Atlanta Women in the 1930s / BLACKWELDER, JULIA KIRK -- Race, Sex, and Class: Black Female Tobacco Workers in Durham, North Carolina, 1920-1940, and the Development of Female Consciousness / JONES, BEVERLY W. -- The Role of Women in a Changing Navaho Society / HAMAMSY, LAILA SHUKRY -- Copyright Information -- Index


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