Indonesian Rainfall: With a hierarchy of climate models

Indonesian Rainfall: With a hierarchy of climate models

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von Edvin Aldrian


Revision with unchanged content. This book provides a comprehensive introduction on the rainfall character­istics in a tropical area, Indonesia, on a time scale monthly to interannual. Unlike the monsoonal South Asia and East Asia, the Southeast Asian mon­soon, especially over Indonesia is still not well understood. Chapters of this book stand for basic pillars in the rainfall characteristics in Indonesia; from the representation of rainfall from observation, representation of rainfall in the global model or reanalyses, representation of rainfall in the regional cli­mate model, the introduction of the ocean climate in Indonesia related to the rainfall and the coupled ocean atmosphere aspects of the Indonesian rainfall. This book covers basic annual patterns and their regionalizations as well as ocean atmosphere mechanisms that drive them and how those annual pat­terns interplay to regional phenomena such as ENSO. The objective of this book is to describe how well the performance of multi level climate models over the tropics, especially in the representation of Indonesian rainfall. The reader of this book shall be the climatologist, atmospheric science, oceano­grapher and hydrologist who are interested in the climate and air sea inter­actions of the tropics.

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