Increasing Customer Loyalty via Mobile Customer Relationship Management

Increasing Customer Loyalty via Mobile Customer Relationship Management

von Silke Freitag
Taschenbuch - 9783838656892
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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The main objective of this research was to find out and demonstrate how companies can manage to maintain and increase their customer¿s loyalty with the help of Customer Relationship Management in today¿s wireless world. Due to the growing convergence of the Internet and the mobile phone, competition between companies is considerably increasing. In order to further keep their stake in the market, companies are forced to improve the relations to their customers by using new business technologies enabling them to differentiate themselves from the competition in offering personalized services especially tailored to their customers¿ needs. This thesis will concentrate on the opportunities that Customer Relationship Management offers in the wireless world. Mobile applications and instruments that enable companies to create more loyalty among their customers will be pointed out while special focus is laid on SMS-Marketing. A few examples of companies who have been successfully applying wireless marketing will be given. Furthermore, part of this thesis was to carry out an online survey during which a number of people were interviewed about their experience with mobile services and their willingness to accept wireless marketing. The survey results provided a basis upon which the acceptance of possible marketing strategies, designed to increase customer loyalty, could be judged. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: AbbreviationsIII FiguresIV 1.Introduction1 1.1Problem statement2 1.2Limitation of research topic3 1.3Research procedure4 2.M-Business: ¿Anywhere Anytime Access¿5 2.1Definition of M-Business5 2.2Mobile network technology6 2.2.1GSM6 2.2.2GPRS7 2.2.3HSCSD8 2.2.4UMTS8 2.3Service technology9 2.3.1WAP9 2.3.2Bluetooth10 2.3.3Short Messaging Service (SMS)11 2.4iMode as an alternative to WAP11 2.5Mobile payment solutions14 2.5.1Paybox14 2.5.2Mobilpay16 2.5.3Payitmobile solution17 3.Mobile Customer Relationship Management - Key Functions and Definitions18 3.1Definition of Customer Relationship Management18 3.2CRM - A customer-oriented organizational process19 3.3Benefit of CRM22 3.3.1Improvement of image23 3.3.2Improvement of efficiency24 3.3.3Acquisition of new customers24 3.3.4Customer bonding25 3.4Customer Lifetime Value - A means to measure the success of CRM26 3.5CRM in the wireless world29 3.6Fields of application31 3.7Objectives of Mobile Customer Relationship Management32 4.M-CRM as a [...]


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