III-V Ternary Semiconducting Compounds-Data Tables

III-V Ternary Semiconducting Compounds-Data Tables

von M. Neuberger
Taschenbuch - 9781468461671
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The Electronic Prope~ties Information Cente~ has developed the Data Table as a compilation of the most ~eliable info~mation available fo~ the physical, c~ystallog~aphic, mechanical, thermal, elect~onic, magnetic and optical p~ope~ties of a given mate~ial. Data Tables forme~ly se~ved as an int~oduction to the g~aphic data compilations on the mate~ial published by the Elect~onic ~ope~ties Information Cente~, EPIC, as Data Sheets. Although the Data Sheets we~e p~incipally concerned, according to the scope of the Cente~, with electronic and optical data, it is believed that data cove~ing the complete p~ope~ty spect~um, is of the f~st impo~tance to eve~y scientist and engineer, whateve~ his information requi~ements. The enthusiastic ~eception of these Data Tables has confi~med this opinion and increasing requests fo~ this highly selective type of information ~esulted in the publication of volume 2 in this se~ies, "III-V Semiconducting Compounds" in 1971 and "G~oup IV Semiconducting Compounds", also in 1971. Recent inte~est in the device applications of the te~n~y semiconducto~s, led to the compilation of these Data Tables on the III-V Te~n~y Semiconducting Compounds. The majo~ problem in this type of selective data compilation on a semiconducting mate~ial, lies in the mate~ial specifications. Prope~ties may va~y so widely with doping, c~stallinity, defects, geometric forms and the othe~ pa~amete~s of p~epa~ation, that any attempts at comparison normally fail. On this basis, we have consistently attempted to give the p~epa~ation methods, ca~rier concent~ations, and physical form.


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